To end cruelty to children

Honorable President of the Republic,

Allow me, Mr. President, to come out of my retirement some time ago to speak to you about a criminal phenomenon that continues to grow in our country in the absence of crackdown.

You did not miss this week the arrest of another Islamic professor / speaker / Islamist / activist along with his associates. These are again people who wrap themselves in religiosity, and indulge freely in all their depravity, including the rape of minors.

Mr. President, I am not the first and I will undoubtedly be the last to inform you of facts of this magnitude. We’ve had a lot of scandals about it involving people who have stayed close to our children, seeing whom we give some power to pass on knowledge and lessons to them, so that we can make them the citizens of tomorrow.

However, they deceive the world with their false sermons, subject our children to acts of barbarism and physical, psychological, and sexual cruelty that are likely to wipe out the slightest bit of humanity in our children. Is this the typical citizen we want tomorrow? no !

Mr. President, do you have a counselor who specializes in trauma, psychopathology or clinical criminology? I don’t believe in that. Let me then inform you of the following scientific facts:

1) Psychological trauma of a sexual nature deprives a person of at least 20 years of life expectancy. why ? First, for a physiological reason. Rape, child sexual abuse, and incest destroy the kidneys, heart, lungs, viscera, genitourinary system, and brain. On the other hand, for a psychological reason: rape, acts of pedophilia, incest put a person in a stupor of mental processes. It allows the formation of a radioactive or explosive painful memory. This means that there may be a mystery in the brain from the physiological reactions caused by aggression. These will either slowly release toxins (overproduction of cortisol, for example, a stress hormone) into the brain and then into the body; Or this traumatic memory will cause the head to explode upon awakening by returning the subject to the state of aggression, just like the moment it occurred. In addition, recent studies have shown that there are functional changes in the brain and hormones that can be passed down through generations. When a person is raped, all subsequent generations will be affected both physically and psychologically.

2) The unique psychological trauma produces the effects described above, but in the case of pedophilia and incest, there is on the one hand the recurrence of aggressive actions but also the atmosphere of terror in which the victim lives. The child he knows is at the mercy of his attacker. Mr. President, in your opinion, how many extra years of life were taken from them? To what level are internal organs still destroyed? To what extent is the soul distinguished by these barbaric acts? How many generations should we sacrifice to these barbarians? Do we have the right to allow these crimes to continue?

3) In addition, Mr. Chairman, there is cessation of weight growth, cessation or inhibition of cognitive skills with school failure, regression (eg enuresis when the child has previously acquired hygiene), and behavioral disturbances such as heterozygotes. Aggressive (violence against property and people) or aggressive aggressive (self-mutilation), sleep disorders, eating disorders, body image disorders, psychosexual disorders (sexual abuse of peers or younger children, risky sexual activity) psychological disorders related to a sense of presence and self-esteem or Until the emergence of psychological disorders. Minimum: generalized anxiety and depression disorders (with suicidal or even suicidal thoughts) with a maximum of short psychosis (acute delirium puffs) or entry into chronic psychosis (bipolar disorders, paranoid psychosis, schizophrenia). With the addition of personality disorders (borderline, corrupt or psychologically disturbed which are most dangerous to the safety of property and persons or to the internal security of a country). I can, if necessary, provide you with a comprehensive and specific document.

Your Excellency, the President of the Republic, like you, is close. Like you, I love my daughter. Like you, I will give my life so that it may be the most beautiful, the richest in experiences and beautiful encounters, the happiest and most secure. Like you, I took care of her, pampered her, taught her, taught her. Like you, I wanted to make it a hope for tomorrow. Not just me, selfishly, but all of us. Because, as you know just like me, a child born in our neighborhood is a child of everyone. Why do our children roam our streets? Why are children left to the mercy of predators in our country? Why do we prefer the comfort of a few at the expense of the future of our nation? Aren’t you also their father to these little ones? Are they orphaned to the point that we can subject them to any atrocities? Are you no longer their father to the point of preferring the protection of people who pride themselves on your generosity in the media who you nevertheless reported on the social networks of the family manager. What made a quiet apology for child sexual abuse by inviting men to stalk minors and keep them for 4 years?

Mr. President of the Republic, as a specialist and a mother, I ask you to take the most strict measures to protect our children, even if this bothers some of them. You must protect our greatest wealth: our children, our girls and our boys.

Your Excellency, Mr. President of the Republic, I only ask that you strictly exercise the sovereign functions of the state (justice, internal security, the security of citizens, especially our children…). It is about the supreme interest of our nation taking precedence over individual interests.

Thank you for your great generosity, interest and longevity of our democratic, secular, social and indivisible republic!

Khaira Thiam Um is a clinical psychologist, specializing in psychiatry and clinical criminology.

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