The shocking disclosure of one of the alleged victims of Sirine Asani Mbaki, “Khalkoum”

On May 31 at 1 p.m., this is what he told the police in the presence of his father: “(…) During the school holidays of 2021, my cousin’s wife often asked me to bring meals to Serene Assani crying (note, gives his phone number 77.635.66…), who lives near our house in Guédiawaye. When I went to his house, He said I was very kind and disciplined. Mrs. Serigne Assane Mbacké took this opportunity to establish a friendly relationship with me. Under these circumstances he often invited me to visit him at his house. During one of these visits, while we were in his bedroom, he introduced me to a person named Baidi, of dark complexion and a little skinny without further details.While we were in the room, Serigne Assane Mbacké and Bede stood aside to discuss matters they did not want to hear.A moment later, the one named Serigne Assane Mbacké asked me to go home, while telling me he would call me on the phone, because he said He needs to talk to me.”

The alleged victim continues: “So he called me a few days later to ask me to find him at his house. As soon as I got there, he told me that the one named after me had asked him to send me a message that he found me handsome and chivalrous before telling me that the latter was madly in love with me. Surprised and terrified. ‘I couldn’t get a word out of my mouth.’ Then Mr. Serigne Assane Mbacké suggested that I go home and that he was still about to call me at his house for further discussion. A few hours later, as promised, Serigne Assane Mbacké called me over the phone to ask me to meet him again. At his house.When I arrived at the scene of the accident, I saw that the name of Serene Asani Mbaki was with the named Badi.After that, Serigne Assane Mbacké asked me to undress, which I flatly refused before succumbing to his threats. He told me that if I did not do everything he asked me to do, he would accuse me of theft by rioting the neighbors. Since then, under duress, I had intercourse, during which the so-called extruder penetrated the anus. Upon completion, Pide handed a sum of money, the exact amount of which I cannot say, to the named Serigne Assane Mbacké. In fact, it was as if Serigne Assane Mbacké was making me a whore.

“It was as if her name, Serigne Assane Mbacké, made me a whore.”

Continuing, Serene Asani Mbaki called me again to ask me to meet him, which I did again. Once in his house, he made me tea. When I finished, before I left, I told him that I was going to my high school, located in (…) to take my semester report and also to validate my choices (S or L series). Once in (…), Serene Asani Mbaki called me on the phone to tell me that he wanted me to introduce him to my comrades, whom I would be honored to know. In this context, I sent him a picture of a friend of mine named Antoine. I specify that I have not reported my friend Antoine’s phone number to the named Serigne Assane Mbacké. I followed up talking with Serigne Assane Mbacké that I was going to attend one of my classmates’ wedding. He asked me to show him how to dress. I sent him some pictures of me. In the evening when I came back from the party, he joined me for the thousandth time, this time asking me to send me a nude video, which I refused. Thus, the so-called Serigne Assane Mbacké threatened to call my parents to inform them that I had had sexual relations with Baïdy. Not wanting to disclose such information, I agreed to his request. I specify that when I sent my photos to Serigne Assane Mbacké, he asked me if I had an account open on the social network Facebook in order to communicate it to him. I gave him my profile. “…”

Automatically, the name Serigne Assane Mbacké sent me a request to add, and I accepted. And that’s how it put me in touch with profile users “Al-Ray Lo” (Abdul-Rahman LO, 76.685.52…), “Master of the West” (Ibrahim Badian), “Jan Avit Tending”, “Ebzo Rasul Bean”, who asked me to have a romantic relationship with him, and I accepted.”

After pausing for a few minutes, the presumed victim continues: “Of all these people mentioned above, I only had to meet Abd al-Rahman Lu at the ‘Nina’ hotel, located next to the Independence Place, where we had unprotected sex, after which Mr. Lu gave me the sum of twenty One thousand (20,000) CFA francs. When I came back, Serigne Assane Mbacké took the 20,000 FCFA that Abderrahmane Lou gave me. These facts happened the day after Korité 2022. Meanwhile, Serene Asani Mbaki, whose name was Serene, to better keep me under his authority, would often give me gifts. He often gave me money. His last gift was a Samsung cell phone, which he forbade me from showing my parents. The phone is currently in my home in Guédiawaye. In short, the name Serigne Assane Mbacké, apart from those I just mentioned, helped me with Djimbory and Mamadou Sow and with other people whose identities I do not know. I tell you that I had sex with all those mentioned people. These reports were done without protection, that is, they did not use condoms. If I didn’t tell my parents the facts, even if my mother suspected me, it was because Serigne Assane Mbacké threatened to either kill me or to go and tell my parents that I was “gay” and that I had sex with other men. He even went so far as to threaten to attack me in a mysterious way.

My so-called bae penetrated me from behind for the first time in Serigne Mbacké’s room with the help of the latter separating my legs. To penetrate me better, use a liquid found in the “siteal” bottle if I remember correctly. I think he used it as a lubricant. It pierced me until I felt a sticky liquid coming out of it. About me, I noticed a hemorrhage once in my house.

Except Youf and the “Nina” hotel, all sexual acts took place in the room of the eponymous Serigne Assane Mbacké hotel between summer holidays 2021 and January 2022. I had sex with Djimbory on two occasions (02), once with Baedi, Abdul Rahman Lu and Ibrahima Badian. The latter, I met him in an apartment in Yuve, told me it was his house. I can take you there. I must tell you that it was Serigne Assane Mbacké who organized my meetings with these individuals. Moreover, for my meeting with Lo at the hotel “Nina”, Serigne Assane gave me 2000 CFA francs for transportation, I took Ter. Once at the Dakar station in the afternoon, a named Lo directed me by phone call to the hotel. Also for Yoff, Serigne gave me 500 CFA francs for the transfer. On the way back, the named Ibrahima gave me 5,000 CFA francs which Asani Mbaki got back. I specify that one day when I took action with a named Djimbory, Serigne Assane Mbacké tried to take us on video, which my partner forbade him to do.

For the purposes of investigation, I make available to you my brand of mobile phone “Tecno Simple”, which is black in color and contains a large part of the discussions I had with the above. I registered the name Ibrahima under the name “black diamond” In the phone. My last encounter with the eponymous Serigne Mbacké dates back to the 2022 Korité festivities. However, he often called me on the phone to check my status and see if I was still in touch with his aforementioned friends. He always avoided conversations via SMS or WhatsApp with me. He always preferred phone calls. Even when I texted him he answered with phone calls or asked me to come to his house to discuss it in person.

Each time Serigne Assane Mbacké asked me to delete our discussion thread, which I sometimes did.

When it was my first intimate relationship with my estranged one, I had stomach ache and once in a while At home I was psychologically very depressed. But over time, I found my status “normal” by being persuaded by Serigne Assane Mbacké. It put me in an environment where I thought having a romantic relationship with a man was “normal”.

Moreover, he made me flirt with the teachers in my school, which I did not dare to do.”

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