Meet ANA, the amazing virtual studio influencer behind PUBG

The studio behind the video game PUBG has announced ANA, a virtual influencer designed for Web 3.0. Developed with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, this amazing “virtual human” will soon release his first song.

CraftonThe South Korean development studio behind the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)the veil has just been lifted for a “virtual human”. Baptized “ANA”, digital creativity is presented as the company’s new mascot.

The company is proud that the Afghan National Army owns “A hyper-realistic look, blurring the lines between a digital persona and a real person”. As shown in the pictures posted by Crafton, many details remind of the human body such as “the fine” that covers the skin.

The studio is also developed Voice of the Afghan National Army Thanks to deep learning, a learning technology that allows artificial intelligence to understand the world without outside help. In this way, ANA . can “Acting and singing like a real human being”.

Virtual Human Designed with Unreal Engine

Crafton relied on the sudden development of the Afghan National Army Unreal Engine, a video game engine developed by Epic Games. The Monopoly Engine has a tool for designing virtual humans, MetaHuman Creator. According to Epic Games, this software is capable of designing very realistic faces and bodies.

On their website, the studio behind Fortnite describes MetaHuman as a “A complete framework that gives any creator the ability to use highly realistic human characters in any way imaginable.”. These could be real humans born in minutes Using the software, develop Epic Games. Developers can also customize the character’s hairstyle or outfit with just a few clicks.

According to Epic Games, MetaHuman . can be played High-end PCs with RTX graphics cards. The program is currently Available in early access Through a web browser.

Note that Krafton already demonstrated his lead in the field of virtual human design last February. The publisher posted a video on YouTube showing off his creations. The shots give an idea of ​​what the ANA will look like in action.

Who are the celebrities in future web 3.0?

In his press release, Crafton introduced ANA as default celebrity. “We expect it to attract the interest and popularity of Gen Z around the world.”, says Josh Seokjin Shin, president of the Creative Center at Crafton. The company specifies that what is meant by ANA “Promoting community participation at the global level” and his Web System 3.0.

Presenting Web 3.0 as the future, it designates a decentralized version of the Internet. The development studio has already shown interest in many key elements of Web 3.0 in the past. Crafton has established a remarkable partnership with Solana Blockchain. The agreement provides for the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based games. The publisher also contacted Naver Z, a subsidiary of South Korean platform Naver. As part of the partnership, the two entities plan to develop the metaverse where NFTs play a major role.

ANA will release her own song

The South Korean company plans to become ANA Influential in many areas in the entertainment and esports industry. In order to spread the word about its creation, Crafton plans to launch ANA” Original music title. Thanks to deep learning, Krafton’s virtual creativity will clearly compose and perform his songs.

This is not the first. Several projects have already been used Artificial intelligence for composing music. One thinks in particular of the “The Lost Tapes of 27 Clubs” initiative. With the help of Google’s Magenta software, researchers have built an AI capable of composing songs like Kurt Cobain from Nirvana or Amy Winehouse.

It’s clear that Crafton aims to make it One of the first metaverse influencersThis digital world is accessible in virtual and augmented reality. The studio has pledged to publish more information about the project “Later this year through photos, videos and original story”. It is clear that Crafton will provide the character and story of the virtual influencer.

ANA is reminiscent of Star Labs’ Neon Project, a subsidiary of Samsung. The company has evolved “artificial humans” Designed and powered by artificial intelligence.

We will remember it Virtual effect concept Not new. In 2016, two members of Brud, a California-based company specializing in robotics and artificial intelligence, launched a digital influencer called Lil Miquela on Instagram. The success was instant. Now, she has more than 3 million subscribers on the social network.

In the wake of Lil Miquela, many other influencers appeared on social networks. For example, Guggimon, the scary bunny, FN Meka, expert rapper robot or sportsman Ion Göttlich of the PRO Bike Gear brand.

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