KPMG Highlights Efforts to Be Made in Web3 Security

KPMG stresses the importance of security

KPMGthe world’s leading consulting and accounting firm, presents a report highlighting the importance that should be given to it Web Application Security 3.0. In fact, if the main public blockchains are built in such a way that a foreground attack is difficult, this is not the case for the applications to which they are added.

This note reflects a reflection that Ethereum (ETH) founder Vitalik Buterin shared last month on Twitter. He said he wanted Ethereum to be able to hold out, Even for the most serious threatswhile applications are built on it Disadvantages Far from the criteria he hopes:

The vulnerability of smart contracts is actually an angle of attack profitable for hackers. This is just as true as anyone can, in theory, publish their dApp on blockchains like Ethereum. With all the potential problems that ensue.

This is mainly These security flaws in smart contracts KPMG is pointing the finger at her. The company highlights that if we compare the first quarter of 2022 with the first quarter of last year, the stolen funds in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols 692% explodedresulting in losses of $1.2 billion.

We also returned to similar amounts a few weeks ago, following a report from Chainalysis. The numbers are mainly due to the Ronin and Wormhole hacks.

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Lack of audit experts

KPMG’s clear note: Among the 5 biggest DeFi hacks, 4 are concerns unaudited smart contracts.

Globally, the company estimates that Web3 application security experts have a range of 1000 to 1500. In parallel, the report presents 18,000 active developers every month. While it is difficult to determine the exact numbers, we nonetheless recognize that this may represent less than one person able to perform the audit, for ten developers.

However, according to Immunify, 10.6% of the total crypto capital was deposited in DeFi protocols at the beginning of 2022. If we refer to Defi Llama today, we find a relatively close figure, around 8%. This large number shows the importance that should be Because of the security.

Number of global security experts according to KPMG

The table is shown above Geographical distributionWeb3 security experts. We see the US and China dominating the market, along with India to a lesser extent.

These numbers are still very low, a given Our ecosystem ambitions. In addition, the majority of specialized companies are still young, having been created only since 2017.

According to the Trail of Bits, 78% of the most serious flaws can be found using an automated tool. Even if the company claims at the same time that 50% of all these defects It can go unnoticed with the same tool. Then we understand the need to Talent search and training.

Other important security points noted by KPMG

It takes some time to become an expert and even then there is no guarantee that you can find all the flaws in the app. However, audits must be performed become standard in the industry and it is a safe bet that security will become a thriving sector in the future.

In addition to smart contracts, KPMG also insists on all items that come Backpack on Layer 1 blockchain. Side chains, in addition to tier 2 such as ZK and Optimistic Rollups, can also offer attack vectors. as such Phishing attacks generally.

Therefore, security is one of the main challenges that our ecosystem must face in order to pursue more democracy. This is a normal process with each new technology. But as in all areas, Money sometimes attracts bad guyswhich requires special attention from all actors in the sector.

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Sources: KPMG, Defi Llama

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