Car accident kills 8 children from abused home: Rest in peace

There has just been a traffic accident that leaves us deeply saddened. In fact, it included eight children aged 4 to 17 who were part of a family called Tallapoosa County Girls’ Farm. Separately, a 29-year-old father and 9-month-old daughter, who were in another car on the road, were also affected, according to reports. Tell you in detail what happened? This story sends shivers down our spines.

8 children killed on the road: a terrible accident!

The drama took place in a place often affected by storms, especially last weekend. These storms swept the state of Alabama in the United States. Indeed, an eyewitness confirmed that the weather was horrific on the day of the accident. An hour before the accident, the weather had deteriorated. In addition to the bus carrying the children, other cars were hit. In fact, Lacey Willis was in another car on the road with her husband and child at the time of the tragedy. The family realized something was wrong when they felt a shock that pushed their vehicle against the railing. Then the car landed in the central grass reserve.

Lacey was a little shocked, but her husband immediately reacted and immediately got his daughter out of the car. According to CNN reporters, Lacey explained that they got away from the car as quickly as possible when they noticed the carnage around them. In fact, there were other vehicles on fire… “I’m barefoot, standing on I-65, walking, and getting farther a lot. I was just original. “,” she says.

Some kids have been lucky enough to succeed, but not all of them!

The young woman admitted that she is so grateful “that her husband and daughter can have” to flee Even if I feel a bit of guilt”. ” The lives of these families are changing forever, and I hope that somehow people will find a way out. Because it was tragic for many people. We are very, very lucky.” The Tallapoosa County Girls Ranch bus driver was also the ranch manager. I had the opportunity to get the latter out of the car that caught fire. Unfortunately, the eight kids, eight girls who were in the back couldn’t get out in time. Michael Smith, CEO of Alabama Sheriffs Youth Farms, said the same driver lost two of her children in a traffic accident.

What a sad day

She saved her life, and we’re very happy about that. Unfortunately, we lost the other eight passengers. He lost eight young men who were able to make a difference in our world, eight young men who did not have the opportunity to have children, and eight young men who could not break the cycle of their past and change it for their children.” This collision of climate is really horrific. We extend our condolences to the loved ones of the deceased.

Drivers are increasingly attentive behind the wheel. Thus, there is a decrease in the number of deaths and road accidents in general. Unfortunately, these tragedies still happen quite often. We share some media data with you UPS. For example, in 2011, the number of deaths by car was 3,963. This is a much higher number than the number of deaths by train (12) or even by plane (0). Thus, train and air travel represent the safest journeys. In fact, they are at the top of the list unlike road trips. In fact, theReims is the third safest country in terms of rail safety. Also know that there is only one A plane crashes every 1.52 million flights. Enough to make us change our minds about our transportation!

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