Startup Factory: Flash on Metaverse and the New Digital Age

It was an extraordinary edition of the Start Up Factory presented by Sophia Business Angels last night in Cannes with a great overview of the metaverse, its technologies, aspects, uses and monetization possibilities. Something that convinces you of the coming of a new digital age.

We are entering a new phase of the digital age. Those who were not convinced by the changes that heralded the massive arrival of blockchain technologies and AI and the emergence of the metaverse were convinced that eventually startup factory What was the organization of the club last night Business Sophia’s Angels About metaverse. A boom that, as the Internet did in the early 2000s, will once again profoundly change the way we work, collaborate, learn and play. In short, to live. (WTM image: Jean-Francois Tropert, CMQe Director of Cultural and Creative Industries at the University of Côte d’Azur, presented the ambitions of the University of Central Asia and the Cannes campus).

Metaverse from every angle

in the amphitheater The Georges Miller Campus in CannesMany entrepreneurs, project leaders and entrepreneurs participated in this meeting which was promising due to the quality of the speakers. The promises kept for this version of SUF that the SBA chief said, Candice Johnson Delivered in a new format: dozens of continuous mini-conferences that combine speeches by leaders of large IT groups with presentations by startup innovators, all followed by a networking session.

It’s also an opportunity to get a great overview of this metaverse that builds a bridge between our real life and our digital and virtual lives. It has been vetted according to its different technologies, aspects, uses and monetization potential (not a small thing for investors). some examples. I come from Los Angeles, Susan BrazerCEO of LionShare Media introduced THIN-AIR™ Metaverse, a 5G Web3.0 delivery platform for the next generation of premium entertainment and immersive media. Sylvain Ordurufounder of Vizua 3D in Montreal, a company he also created in Nice, offers cloud-installed tools that allow you to build your own applications in the metaverse without the need for specialized skills and supercomputers.

Laura Bononcini Facebook’s Director of Public Policy for Southern Europe, speaking via video from Milan, presented several cases of using the metaverse. Boris Ceremis Researcher at Smart Games and founder of Kopelio, explained how these technologies can be put to the service of education. Installed in the business city was Bastide Rouge, Mark Kansimefounder of the startup Creative VR3D, tackled the video game side, Melin Oliver cinema and Eric KokiniAddress “The Social Future”.

The metaverse seen by David Gurlé

He was no exception. Françoise ProntoThe Vice Mayor of Cannes, Regional Counsellor, spoke about the city’s entry into the world of NFTs while Frank ChikliThe deputy in charge of innovation, artificial intelligence and economic growth recalled the ambitions of the city of Cannes in the field of creative industries. for David Girlfounder of “Unicorn” Symphony “who left the presidency to embark on a new adventure (Hive, a decentralized cloud for storing an unlimited number of photos and files, via peer-to-peer and blockchain), presented his vision to metaverse as an entrepreneur. According to him, there are three areas of interest: nurture The social that everyone is looking for; the desire to transcend oneself and the desire to learn which can be based on the interaction of the metaverse; the need for fun in any video game response.

However, there are some caveats to put in place to enter this new digital age. “It brings advantages, but we must avoid confusing reality, which we live in, and imagined reality. This is what you have to learn to manage through education. It is imperative that humanity not get lost in this transformation and this new digital aged concludedthirsty girly.

Photo WTM: Business leaders, entrepreneurs, project leaders and business angels who participated in the private Metaverse Start Up Factory.

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