Phone design leaked on the web

nothing. Despite several months of teasing, the Phone 1, the first none phone, leaked on the web. Discover the design of this product that is believed to revolutionize the industry.

Phone (1) unfortunately did not resist leaks. The second product and the first phone from the young company nothing was disclosed on the network. While the company subtly continued designing its futuristic product, several professional leakers got their hands on what appeared to be an official image of the phone (1).

What are the characteristics of the phone (1) from nothing?

The first thing you notice about the design of the phone (1) is that The back of the device is transparent. However, this information was already revealed several months ago by the company, which is simply using the transparent design of its first product, the earphones (1).

The back of the phone (1) also appears Two photo sensors. We already know that the phone will sit in the mid-range. So we can assume that Phone (1) will ignore the potential macro sensor which, if it allows you to take very close photos, is generally more of a gadget than anything else.

Finally, the central block that can be seen on the back of the phone (1) seems to indicate this The phone will be compatible with wireless charging. A very rare tech for a mid-range device, and as such that would assure that nothing is willing to break the industry codes.

Official phone preview (1). © None

It appears that the back of the phone (1) is also equipped with several LED lights. We can imagine that these could light up when the phone receives notifications. Unless there’s another surprise in store for us regarding the use of these LEDs, which contrast what we’re used to seeing in terms of design for a mid-range phone.

Without giving more details, The phone (1) should have a mid-range Snapdragon processor. Qualcomm’s most powerful chip currently is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. But recent rumors about the phone (1) point to a chip Snapdragon 778G This allows the phone to be compatible with 5G communication bands.

Nothing’s Phone (1) will not work on Android. There are no surprises yet, but Carl Bay, founder of the company, also revealed thatPhone (1) will have an internal overlay called “Nothing OS”. This internal operating system is defined as open and homogeneous in order to easily connect and integrate devices of other brands. The CEO of Tesla and AirPods Pro did not cite Tesla cars and AirPods Pro headphones, among other things. So nothing is a serious competitor to Apple, known in particular for its robust ecosystem that is able to link its various products with annoying ease.

Nothing also claims that its operating system for Phone (1) will have 40% fewer pre-installed apps. This software, known as “bloatware”, is often unwanted by consumers and more so as a result of the partnerships made between the manufacturers and developers of said apps.

First Look at Phone (1) and NothingOS © None

What is the release date of Nothing’s Phone (1)?

If many Internet users are waiting for the release date of the phone (1) during the company’s last conference, it will still be necessary to wait a little. Nothing intends to continue to build enthusiasm around its brand and its first flagship product. Currently, Nothing’s Phone (1) is slated to launch in Summer 2022 Without further details.

Phone (1) will be officially presented on Tuesday 12th July. Brand Nothing has confirmed that they will be holding a special conference, their first keynote, to introduce the highly anticipated phone. Obviously, we won’t fail to tell you all the announcements made during this conference titled “Back to Instinct”.

Nothing gives you an appointment this Tuesday, July 12th. © Nothing Inc.

At what price will the phone be marketed (1) out of nothing?

at the current hour, There is no official information on the selling price of the phone (1). So we’ll have to wait a little longer to see if Phone (1) is a top-tier product, or if it’s a true “flagship killer”, i.e. a product that’s more accessible than the competition while offering equivalent performance. Since Carl Pei, the former co-founder of One Plus, thought especially in the base that he was a strong competitor in the high-end smartphone market, the phone (1) might surprise with its price.

What is nothing?

If the name Nothing means nothing to you, it may be normal. Carl Pei (the former founder of One Plus) is a very small company, and they only have one product launched in 2021: earbuds (1). Although it is a minor success, the company would like to point out that it is not just a company that specializes in audio products.

Founded in 2020 by several big names in tech (including Kevin Lane and Steve Hoffman, founders of Twitch and Reddit respectively), nothing has ever taken off thanks to a $7 million investment fund. The company then continues its innovation momentum by promising to “break down the barriers between humans and technology.” In 2021, a remarkable $1 million was raised in less than a minute thanks to an impressive community fundraiser.

It will therefore be necessary to prepare to see more products from the Nothing brand in the near future. The main goal of the company is to bring devices close to its users and to create a highly connected and highly intuitive ecosystem, while still being respectful of the environment.

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