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nintendo And the smart systems She revealed the focus of the next special hero of Fire Emblem Heroesthe name of the thing Summer Holiday » and available From June 17 at 9:00 until August 9 at 8:59. It will host special editions of many heroes from three houses And the radiant dawnto know Dmitri (combined unit, axe), mica (assembled unit, gray folder), Claudius (Flying unit, blue dagger, also available in 4 star version) Finally the coordinating unit Edelgaard with Altina (Battleship, sword). In addition, there is a special version ofValencia (Flight Unit, Blue Bow) from Radiant Dawn, named Marine Queenwill be included in the new chapter rewards of Turmoil + “The Secret of Summer”And the Available from June 17 at 9:00 until June 27 at 8:59. There is a daily login bonus until June 27 at 08:59 to get orbs up to 10 times. Other notable bonuses are Sacred Seals Atk / Def Hold 1 And the First Cursed Blade.

The Coordination Module Edelgard with Altina thus joins the other Coordination Modules added previously: Mia, sharp harmony with MarthAnd the Veronica, Pirate Harmony with Xander And the Tiki, Dragon Harmony with Ninian And the Altina, Khaled’s husband with SnakeAnd the DorotheaAnd the Evening harmony with LinAnd the Bitter, spring harmony with nahAnd the Katria, Azure Double Suite with TheaAnd the Shida pair, navy with plumeriaAnd the Liv, heirs predestined with SealifeAnd the Lysithea, students gifted with agarwood And the Azura, Hatari duet with LinAnd the Sonya, sublime rabbits with tarjeh And the Roy, brilliant, married to Elwood.

As usual, focus heroes are entitled to a different type of weapon compared to their original version as well as a unique outfit and new skills available at the rank. 5 stars. a New Side Scenario It will allow you to earn orbs on 3 difficulty levels: naturalAnd the Difficult And the expert. So we can win 9 orbs in total. Furthermore it, private questions The show of heroes will also be a part of it and will allow you to get them 3 additional celestial bodies.

It will be possible to summon the 5* hero of our choice after making 40 summons in certain events, as well as those featuring new heroes added at the same time as the addition of new chapters. However, this new possibility is only available to people with a Feh Pass subscription.

  • Dmitri (Portable unit, axe), Voiced by Chris Hackney / Kaito Ishikawa, Art: Ariko Nishiki
  • mica (Portable unit, gray volume), Voiced by Veronica Taylor / Natsuko Kawatani, art: Halu ichikawa
  • Claudius (Flying unit, blue dagger), Voiced by Joe Ziga / Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Art: Azu Taro
  • Edelgaard with Altina (Battleship unit, sword), voiced by Tara Platt + Krezia Bagus / Ai Kakuma + Miho Miyagawa, Art: Kakaji
  • Elencia, Queen of the Sea (Flying Unit, Blue Bow), by Heather Gonzalez / Juri Takita

Other special events will appear in the coming months. As for focus Spring FestivalAnd the long live bridesAnd the summer ylissianAnd the Norian summerAnd the performing artsAnd the bleak harvestAnd the winter festivalAnd the happy New Year !And the love alwaysAnd the spring rabbitsAnd the It’s the packageAnd the summer is hereAnd the artistic summerAnd the Party in HoshidoAnd the Earth’s giftAnd the winter giftsAnd the A new year of fire and iceAnd the source of heroesAnd the Faithful GrillAnd the royal rabbitsAnd the Perfect OutingAnd the bridal joyAnd the summer returnAnd the summer awakeningAnd the Wonderful eveningAnd the monster harvestAnd the glorious giftsAnd the renewed spirit beautiful giftsAnd the family partyAnd the the origin, I love the bride and groomAnd the fleeting summerAnd the sea ​​memoriesAnd the pirate pride infinite dreamAnd the dragon harvestAnd the NowadaysAnd the Festival miracleAnd the New Year’s Eve: Special Heroes ωAnd the desert ritualsAnd the King’s loveAnd the stubborn rabbitsAnd the Childhood reunionAnd the wedding blessingAnd the summer glowAnd the summer day dreamAnd the Perilous sailorAnd the Twelve heirsAnd the common abundanceAnd the ninja trainingAnd the winter dreamAnd the like a mechanismAnd the lost kingdomsAnd the here by my sideAnd the looking for rabbitAnd the unlikely friendship And the wedding flowersthese special heroes may reappear in other summon events (Legendary or Legendary hero summon events for example) in a different order and may have a higher reappearance rate.

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