The new fantasy web series by Philippe Antoine Olmita

What is your background or experience?
– She started in theater as an actor with training at the Conservatoire National à Rayonnement Régional in Nice. Upon leaving the conservatory, I set up my theater company, Adapt’Art, where I was a director. After that, theater no longer nourished me and I left this artistic field. I went into drawing and comics and this path gradually directed me towards writing and audiovisual production. Being a director allows me to consolidate my skills and return to my first love: fiction, with the goal of making the viewer travel. So I created the production company: Winker Films with a project for the fantasy web series Your Kingdom, which I wrote and wanted to direct.

– Exactly, your past achievements and products?

During my experience in theatre, I have adapted classic works such as Sina by Cornell and Antoine and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare or Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Some of these plays were epic stories, a genre that I really like, but lacked the cinematic dimension. I’ve always had a very visual approach to my artistic creations and that’s why I want to produce this web series Your Kingdom, which will be my first official production in the audiovisual sector.

Tell us about this project

– The story of your kingdom takes place in the world of Noukria where humans face a threat. An unknown enemy attacks the villages and leaves no survivors. The only survivor is the knight Ristan who mysteriously survived with no memory of the event. He will be directed to investigate this threat and his path will lead him to discoveries that will turn his life upside down, returning to his origins and the origins of his world. This story talks about the pursuit of peace, both within and within society, through an introductory, epic, philosophical and spiritual adventure that addresses other themes, such as beliefs, disappointments, death, change, and love. Having grown up with such a great saga as The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, or even Harry Potter, I want to keep these works going and give viewers a great movie as we’ve come to know it during this time. Moreover, it is possible to watch the teaser on the YouTube channel of the web series.

– How did you get the idea?

– The idea began to appear in Corsica during my childhood. This island was such a great source of inspiration, it made me want to realize one day a legendary adventure with complete legends. The years passed and I started writing my project in 2016. The writing took place over five years until the end of 2021. Corsica continued to inspire me in this land rich in history and mystery, with many legends and legends. Much of the origin of their symbols and their culture remain a mystery, with different versions based on the stories. This is what I wanted to copy in the world of Noukria. Landscapes too, like those in this universe, give the impression that they have been deconstructed and carved, giving a unique charm to these places. That’s why I want to shoot scenes from the series in Corsica, which is obvious to me. Its places have decorations similar to those of Noukria. These are perfect places to shoot fantasy and I want to highlight all this richness in fantasy.

How will your project be achieved?

Launching a crowdfunding campaign with a call for donations to enable us to produce the pilot episode. The goal is to distribute it so you can produce 1time season after that. This is a critical step for the realization of this project and that is why we welcome everyone’s support. It is possible to participate in crowdfunding on the Proarti website on your kingdom page*. Any helpful gesture to help us achieve this series.

Crowdfunding link: Proarti

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