Kim Surviving BCS could explain Saul’s first paradox in Breaking Bad

Warning: This article contains spoilers for You better call Saul Season 6

Kim Wexler survives the events You better call Saul It may explain a significant discrepancy in Too bad. Over its six seasons, the prequel series charted Jimmy McGill’s slow transformation into Saul Goodman, the corrupt and corrupt lawyer who played a major role in the rise – and fall – of Walter White’s criminal empire. with You better call Saul Saul Goodman offers an accurate look at a character who was previously on the One Note, no longer feeling like a comic relief cartoon, but becoming a complex and compelling hero in his own right. However, this created a huge gap between the two versions of the character – and with only six episodes left from before You better call Saul It ends forever, and the writers of the series cut off their work from them to the account of Saul in whom he was seen Too bad.

The main issue the writers must solve is the fate of Kim Wexler, Saul’s longtime partner. Kim was a key player in You better call SaulBut it is clearly absent Too bad. This has led to a lot of speculation that Kim will not survive the events You better call Saul, with many viewers predicting that his death would be the event that would change Saul Goodman forever. However, Kim’s death is by no means guaranteed – and his survival from the events of You better call Saul A stark contrast can actually be explained by Saul Goodman in Too bad.

as such You better call Saul Coming to an end, there is still a chasm between the sleazy and misogynistic Saul Goodman seen in Too bad, the largely respectable nature of the prequel. This discrepancy is most evident in Saul’s constant harassment of his assistant Francesca, who made a number of sexual and vulgar comments during the show. While some viewers have pointed to this character change as evidence that Kim is no longer in Saul’s life, at this time You better call Saul It is very hard to imagine how Kim’s departure or death could suddenly turn Saul into a misogynist; For a show that excels at slow and subtle psychological storytelling, such a change would be too shocking in its late run. On the other hand, Kim’s survival provides a clear explanation for Saul’s behavior in Too bad. When you get involved in both the cartel and law enforcement, your partner can become a huge target. By taking on a rude and indifferent creep character, Saul is able to hide his ties to Kim – thus protecting their relationship rather than undermining it.

Indeed, Howard Hamlin’s sudden death showed Kim and Saul just how dangerous their new world could be. If the pair survive their encounter with Lalo Salamanca, it will be clear that they must take steps to ensure their safety in the future – and there’s nothing in Kim’s steely and composed personality to suggest she’ll just walk away. If Saul Too bad He seems like the type of guy who can’t have a deep romantic relationship, that’s probably the exact impression he’s trying to give, in order to protect the only person he really cares about. This will help bridge the gap between the two Sauls shown on screen, while adding a whole new layer to the character being portrayed in Too bad.

Of course, even with a noble motive, it is difficult to justify Saul’s misogynistic words and behavior in Too bad. Bien qu’il soit possible que Francesca soit dans son acte, il est tout aussi probable qu’un personnage heureux de blanchir l’argent de la drogue soit plus que disposé blesse à faire quelques commentaires blessesants pour ce qu’il considère grand comme le plus Hassan. However, while this additional nuance doesn’t benefit Saul, it may help make his behavior more consistent with the complex and thoughtful character created throughout the prequel series. You better call SaulElegant and thoughtful storytelling deserves an elegant and thoughtful ending – and Kim’s survival may be key to making that happen.

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