Window. She gives birth at home and gives birth to her children: this mother denounces the “kidnapping”

A newborn baby and his two-year-old sister have been placed in childcare services © illustration Samuel Quignon

the story of this The Breton family waving at them social networks. It spreads without really knowing its ins and outs.

Friday 10 June 2022 AD two children from one Young couple from Vitry (Ille-et-Vilaine) was Developed with child care services. Since then, the parents have rebelled and are asking for help. What really happened?


However, it all starts with the most beautiful event that exists, which is birth. Friday, June 3, little Vetrine gave birth to her second child, a girl. a Giving birth at home without medical helpas she wants. “It was great, fast and painless,” she wrote in a lengthy social media post.

“A legal and well-prepared option,” adds Daliborka Milovanovic, of the collective La révolte des mères, which filters parental contact in the media.

The rest is more chaotic according to the young mother: “When my companion went to announce the birth of our daughter at the town hall, the lady panicked when she saw that we did not get medical help at home. She called PMI (Mother and Child Protection). »

The town hall is defending itself

pointed to Vitry Town Hall She defended herself in a press release posted on her social networks on Monday, June 13, saying that she had “respected the regulations” in the case.

“Since the civil status officer found that the child was alive, the conditions of Article 271 of the general instructions relating to civil status were met, and the birth announcement was made on the last day of the five-day period set by the regulations, Wednesday, June 8 at 10:38 am. »

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However, “in view of the risks to the child’s health,” the agent transferred the birth to PMI, “to inform her of the special circumstances and the lack of a medical examination.”

Then remember that the protection of the mother and child is the prerogative of the administration, which is responsible for ensuring the protection of pregnant women, mothers and children up to compulsory school age.

The purpose of the medical certificate is twofold: first of all to ensure that the baby is healthy (the baby must be born “alive and strong”) but also to verify that the mother referred to in the advertisement has actually given birth and that it is not “stealing” a child or surrogacy .

Vitry Municipal Building

Suspected abuse

The parents agree to undergo this medical examination. “The pediatrician told us everything was fine,” says the mother. Before telling them that a PMI doctor will come to their house the same afternoon.

This is what happened: Three police cars arrived at our house. Ten gendarmes entered our house and one of them told us: We will take your children. There is suspicion of abuse. »

mother of two

Daliborka Milovanovic confirms that “the social services supervised by the gendarmerie took the children away from them without any document,” noting that the parents received the temporary placement order only on Monday.

placed in the nursery

on social networks, The young woman condemns this “kidnapping”. and ask for help. She was his daughter Placed in a nursery in Chantepienear Rennes. You haven’t seen them since Friday, June 10.

On Sunday, June 12, parents tried to see their daughters in the nursery, but to no avail. “We would have told them they would not see their children anymore,” Daliborka Milovanovic irritates.

The Ille-et-Vilaine department, on which the Project Management Institute relies, justifies this decision by defining the elements of ” Danger to health and medical monitoring of the two children.

The items at risk are that the newborn would have only taken 10g since birth, but this cannot be proven because there was no first weight. On what basis do they depend? They also noted that a two-year-old would appear malnourished. Then the mother refused to be tested. She has the right. Finally, he was accused of plotting to flee to eastern France. He simply had to join his family, to be able to experience postpartum with his mother. Daliborka Milovanovic.

Report to the public prosecutor

Then the PMI sent a report to Attorney General Wren. “Given the items in this report, the Attorney General’s Office has ordered these two children to be temporarily placed in the Childhood Social Assistance Services (ASE) before they turn to a juvenile judge to rule on this situation,” the department continues in a press release.

For La révolte des mères collective activist: “The reasons for the temporary placement order are offensive and subject to interpretation. You cannot separate a newborn from its mother.”

The parents are in talks with a lawyer to suspend the decision or change the terms of the placement.

Maxime Torberville and Benjamin Chenvier

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