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Parenting – It is so hopeful that I went to a famous bookstore, to the “Personal Development” section to find what I needed. The rack is almost a complete floor and covers topics ranging from How to better manage your hypersensitivity to me Breastfeeding (400 pages), I was sure I would find what I was looking for.

However, I have not found any book on the single child topic, although it is essential in a world where fertility problems are prevalent, in a world where some families choose to have only one child to maintain their professional and personal balance, in a world where the environmental impact of the child is now indicated.

Why am I looking for such a book about an only child?

On the other hand, I’ve found dozens of books that help parents announce the arrival of another baby. But what do you say to your child who sees other siblings but finds himself home alone in the evening?

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Why am I looking for such a book about an only child? To reassure me, that we have great “chances” that my husband and I will not be able to have a second child, and that being an only child is a disadvantage for the person in question. To have a guide to help me pronounce it for my son. And this image of a child alone, necessarily bored, angry or introverted, the king and the center of the family, who carries the weight of his parents on his shoulders, completely worries me. When I look at my two-and-a-half-year-old son, who is gay as a lark, highly sociable, I immediately feel like I’m on edge: being an only child is going to ruin him, and he won’t be happy for his whole life, I’m a selfish monster because I performed the PMA without thinking that she You will only succeed once.

Stop stigmatizing families with only children!

For most people, an only child does not create a family. It’s an abnormal glitch, a problem that must be fixed by all possible means before it gets out of hand… because it has to get out of control.

In fact, a couple of days ago I Googled “only child” and got slapped. While we preach from right to left that every child is different, all children are only put into the “unhappy and selfish” box. Parents must follow a number of rules to avoid the worst: do not overload his mother, make him independent, do not succumb to his whims …

Lots of advice that works for all children. But in people’s minds and their shrinkage, an only child will carry mental illnesses. And for the vast majority of people, the only child is sad.

Finally, the look of others is especially sad, as well as their observations: “Is he alone?” -That’s what he asks me. No, he has relatives and friends …

“We should give him a little brother or a little sister or he will get bored.” Not because no one is trying.

“Oh, it’s the Baby King then!” As much as an old man. As much as one last.

“This picture of a child alone, who is necessarily bored, angry or logical, who is the king and the center of the family, who bears the weight of his parents on his shoulders, completely worries me.”

Can we not please stop belittling the only child in the role of the child for whom life has no flavor, and support parents in their verbal education on the subject?

For all writers looking for an undiscovered market, this is your chance to hack!

Because precisely, how does a child grow up who is categorized by an entire society, unhappy and selfish because of his simple place within the family?

To your podcasts, guides, blogs, testimonials, shows… Leave it, and let us have a chance to be happy!

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