59th Critics of Theatre, Music and Dance Awards

The 2021-2022 Critics of Theatre, Music and Dance Awards were presented this morning at the Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin. Artists and performances, creating an entire season. lost illusionsafter Honoré de Balzac, in Pauline Bayle’s play receiving the Grand Prix Theatre, fascinated By Lia Rodrigues Awarded Best Dance Show and Grand Prix Musical Award Oedipus By Enesco in the play by Wagdy Moawad and the musical direction by Ingo Metzmacher

theater award

Grand Prize (Best Theatrical Performance of the Year)
Lost Illusions, after Honoré de Balzac, directed by Pauline Bayle

GEORGES-LERMINIER AWARD (Best Theatrical Production Created in the Region)
The Second Love Surprise, directed by Marivaux and directed by Alain Franson

Best play in French
Sky of Nantes, Christophe Honoré – Celestine, Lyon Theatre

Best foreign show
The Odyssey. A History of Hollywood by Krzysztof Warlikowski

LAURENT-TERZIEFF AWARD (Best Show in a Private Theatre)
As You Like It, William Shakespeare and directed by Lena Briban

best actor
Adama Diop in The Cherry Orchard directed by Anton Chekhov and directed by Thiago Rodriguez

Best Actress
Georgia Scalliet in The Second Surprise of Love directed by Marivaux and directed by Alain Françon

Jean-Jacques-Lerante Prize (Play of the Year Revealed)
Susan de Beek in The Second Surprise of Love directed by Marivaux and directed by Alain Franson

Best Theatrical Maker
Ariane Mnuchkin for The Golden Island

Best Music Composer
Pascal Sangla by Andando Lorca 1936, directed by Daniel San Pedro

Best book on theatre
Inside the Brains of Actors by Anouk Grinberg, Éditions Odile Jacob

dance award

Best choreography
Encantado, choreography by Lea Rodriguez, National Theater of Dance – Chaillot (the first in France), Paris, 2021

Best choreographic performance
Dorothy Gilbert, Paris Opera star

best company
CCN – Lauren Ballet

choreographic character (to name a few)
Brigitte Lefevre
Francois Allo, star of the Paris Opera

best performance
Somnole, choreography and interpretation by Boris Sharmatz

choreographic revelation
Laila Ka

best book
Hip-hop dance by Rosetta Boisseau, photos by Laurent Philippe, New Scala Editions, 2021

the best movie
En Corps by Cédric Klapisch, produced by Ce Qui Meut, 2022

Music Award

Grand Prize (Best Musical Show of the Year)
Deep by Enesco directed by Wajdi Moawad, music by Ingo Metzmacher

PRIX CLAUDE-ROSTAND (Best Opera in the Region)
Stravinsky’s The Rake Music Director Matthew Bauer Music Director Grant Llewellyn and Rémi Durupt

Best European Production Award
Lake Will Silver directed by Ersan Mondtag, music by Karel Desior

Best Stage/Best Cinematography Award
Grégoire Pont and James Bonas, “The Snow Queen,” directed by Abrahmasen

Music Creativity Award
Words and music, spin-off music by Pedro Garcia Velasquez for Beckett’s play

Musical Character (linked)
Katherine Honnold Soprano
Klaus Makela, Music Director of the Orchestra de Paris

special notice
Philip Bosemans in memory

Musical revelation of the year
Marie-Laure Garnier, soprano

Best Music Development and Expansion Initiative (ex aequo)
Ponant Project for the Brittany National Orchestra
Music Festival Art Direction David Fry

Best books about music
Rinaldo Hahn by Philip Bly, Fayard Editions
Return of the Secret: Jacques Leno’s Piano Works by Bertrand Bolognese, Éditions Aedam Musicae
Saint-Saëns, a free spirit under the direction of Marie-Gabrielle Soret. Catalog of the Saint-Saëns exhibition at the Paris Opera, BNF / Paris Opera)

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