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Gabriel Attal. Gabriel Attal is running for re-election as deputy for Hauts-de-Seine. The Secretary of Accounts comes first against Nupes.

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[Mis à jour le 12 juin 2022 à 21h35] Gabriel Atal risked jeopardizing his position as Minister of Public Accounts during the legislative elections. This bet may pay off, according to the partial results reported by the Ministry of Interior after the first round. The former government spokesperson leads the 10th arrondissement of Hauts-de-Seine with 50.32% of the vote, ahead of Cécile Soubelet of Nupes (28.50%) and Léa Bessières of Reconquête (7.55%.%). These first numbers were calculated based on 57% of registered participants, and will therefore be determined later in the evening. We recall that The Elysee indicated that in the event of defeat in the legislative elections, the ministers concerned would have to leave the government.

Never mind, Gabriel Attal takes a risk as he pointed out Parisian : “I am a candidate for re-election because, five years ago, voters made this bold choice to get elected, allowing me to have this career path within government. I find it healthy to renew their confidence. If I am unelected, of course I will leave government, that is the rule “. A risk still calculated because Gabriel Attal is leading with good omens, starting with Emmanuel Macron’s result in the first round of the presidential election, 38.75%, 14 points ahead of Jean-Luc Mélenchon who came second on the ballot. Not to mention that without a right-and-centre candidate facing him, the path could be traced more easily even if it still had to get ahead of the candidate that Nupes invested in, Cecil Sublette.

Gabriel Atal, minister and legislative candidate, will he be re-elected as a deputy?

Gabriel Attal, an MP for Hauts-de-Seine since 2017, throws himself in the water again in the 2022 legislative elections, still in the district’s 10th district, on June 12 and 19. Danger to the Newly Appointed Minister: In the event of defeat, his mission to Percy will be immediately jeopardized. On the other hand, Gabriel Attal, if he wins, will be able to emerge as a minister who enjoys the confidence of the voters. He was already elected twice in his early days: Socialist municipal councilor in Vampires and then deputy to the presidential majority in the National Assembly, in 2017.

The 30-year-old can also boast extensive experience in government, having served as Minister of State to Minister of National Education and then Head of Government as a spokesperson. An advantage for the legislative candidate who appears to have already had the sympathy of a portion of the electorate as evidenced by the smiles captured during his campaign trips.

If re-elected, Gabriel Attal will remain as deputy but it is his deputy who will sit in the Bourbon Palace. To help him, the 33-year-old minister chose to trust Claire Guichard, Essie’s deputy mayor, Andre Santini, whom he named the latter. The UDI advisor is also no stranger to the absence of LR and UDI candidates in the 10th arrondissement of Hauts-de-Seine.

Before the cabinet reshuffle and his appointment in the public accounts, Gabriel Attal was logically mentioned in certain lists of ministers contacted, sometimes in national education, where he was already working under the orders of Jean-Michel Blanquer, sometimes in higher education or still in health, a ministry in which he appeared politically for the first time. He finally arrived at Bercy as Minister Plenipotentiary to the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire. This appointment, if not about a full-fledged cabinet as one might expect, looks like an upgrade for the 33-year-old politician, a historic member of Emmanuel Macron’s entourage, along with his companion, MPs Stephane Sigourney and Alexis Koehler. , Basic General Secretary of the Elysee.

At the Ministry of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal will take charge of the entire government. The Minister of Public Accounts is generally the dread of his colleagues in the government who regularly request favorable budget arbitration. Unknown position, but generally among the most powerful positions in government, in a nutshell.

Who is Gabriel Atal?

If Gabriel Atal has a loophole when it comes to politics, a man is more conservative about his personal life, surprisingly nothing has set the young man to embark on a political career. His father, Yves Attal, who died of cancer in 2015, was a lawyer and film producer while his mother, Mayor Koris, worked in a production company. Gabriel Attal was born in 1989 in Clamart in Hauts-de-Seine, and grew up in Paris with his three sisters. Since then, Atal’s family has grown with the adoption of his first cousin who died circa 2015, Nikolai, who was acknowledged by the Minister of Public Accounts. expensive Be very close.

The allure of Gabriel Attal’s politics was born during the 2002 presidential election, which pitted Jean-Marie Le Pen to Jacques Chirac in the second round. The then minister was only 13 years old, but he followed his parents to a demonstration against the National Front. This political sense later manifests itself in the study options of Gabriel Attal, today a graduate of the Ecole Alsatian, from Sciences Po Paris to obtain a master’s degree in public affairs, and a law degree from Université Paris II Pantheon-Assas. It is an internship at the end of studies obtained within the National Assembly that will serve to link the university course and the political career of Gabriel Atal.

Gabriel Attal had taken his first steps in politics, under the banner of the Socialist Party, in 2006, to support the candidacy of Segolene Royal in the 2007 presidential election. But the young man was already advocating a vision of the left where human values ​​had to rub shoulders with liberalism. After assuming positions and political activism while studying at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris, Gabriel Attal made his way to the National Assembly and then to the office of the Minister of Health in 2012 until 2017 with Marisol Touraine. He serves as a political advisor and is often at the origin of official speeches.

2017 was a turning point in the biography of Gabriel Attal, who replaced PS with LREM and joined the Emmanuel Macron movement from its inception. He also proceeded to the legislative race in the 10th arrondissement of Hauts-de-Seine and won. Integral to the heart of the party, noted for his self-confidence and sharp political sense, despite his young age, he was pushed to the role of spokesperson for La République en Marche in 2018 until he joined the government.

Gabriel Attal was appointed Minister of State to the Minister of National Education at the age of 29, becoming the youngest member of the Government of the Fifth Republic. His young age makes him appear in the eyes of some as a “miracle” or a “star” for politics. Far from making up numbers, the young man holds important files for five years such as the Universal National Service. His efforts and performance in the media are appreciated in senior positions and he opens his voice to become the spokesperson for the government i.e. Minister of State for Prime Minister, on July 6, 2020. Gabriel Attal takes a new step in May 2022 when he is appointed Minister of Labor and Public Accounts for Emmanuel Macron’s second term.

Instead of being silent about his private life, Gabriel Attal does not hide his homosexuality, but talks a little about his romantic relationships. However, he reveals his relationship with Stéphane Sigourney, a former adviser to Emmanuel Macron and now a member of the European Parliament, on August 20, 2017. The two men, who have become fundamental in restricted areas of power, met and had a “direct love at first sight” at the beginning of 2015 during Business meeting in Percy, they told Globalism In 2021.

Gabriel Attal and Stefan Seejorn became PACS partners. The formalization of the couple also corresponds to the official appearance of Gabriel Attal. Prior to his relationship with Stefan Sigourney, the government spokesperson’s only known romantic relationship was the one that united him with singer Joyce Jonathan for two years.

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