Mom sees a brunette next to her kids on the baby monitor, rushes to their room and finds no one

The mother was horrified when she saw an unknown woman sitting next to her children in the living room. I ran downstairs as soon as the stranger appeared on the baby monitor.

Lily Livingston, a mother of four, admitted that seeing this woman on her iPad was “the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced.”

She chronicled the terrifying experience on Facebook, revealing what happened when she stormed the living room to confront the stranger.

Getting ready in her bedroom

Livingston admitted it wasn’t easy putting on makeup and changing clothes while he was surrounded by two kids and a baby. She had to go out with her husband that day, so she turned on the TV to distract her children.

She sat them on the living room sofa and played “The Lion King” on TV to make time for her. While thinking about her children, she activated the baby monitor on her iPad in her bedroom to keep an eye on them.

The North Carolina mother could see her children sitting peacefully in the living room as she did her hair and make-up. She would check her iPad every few minutes to make sure her kids were okay.

I spotted a woman on an IPAD screen

The iPad screen caught her attention as she was about to finish styling her hair and makeup. Her eyes widened when she saw a stranger sitting next to her children.

“My heart sank. There was a brown-haired woman in the living room watching my children,”

She remembered.

Feeling threatened, the 34-year-old mother rushed downstairs to pick up her children. She had no idea who the woman sitting in her living room was.

The woman has disappeared

The mother is shocked when she reaches the living room because the woman has disappeared. The children stayed put, as if no one had entered the living room.

“It was as if she had just vanished. And my kids were completely calm watching The Lion King”,


Livingston, shocked, was sure she had seen a ghost on the baby monitor. It was the only possible explanation for the woman’s disappearance in a few seconds in the living room.

I called her mom

Livingston ran back to her room and picked up her iPad. She could still see the woman she considered a ghost sitting next to her children.

She quickly picked up her phone and dialed her mother’s number to tell her she had caught a ghost on camera.

“When I was about to show her, I looked down and got lost,”

She said.

It was a ghost

When I touched the iPad screen to show the pictures to her mother, I found that the camera had been off for a while.

She found out that she only watched a pre-recorded video of her sitting next to her children in the living room the whole time, assuming it was an unknown woman.

The mother recounted the unusual incident on her personal Facebook page, saying:

“I was the ghost on the couch.”

Strange things happen in his house

After her Facebook post went viral in November 2019, many people wondered why she immediately thought the woman on the sofa was a ghost. She replied that her hair color looked different on screen, and since it was a live broadcast, she couldn’t think that the woman on the couch was her.

The mother also said that there were always strange things going on in her house. She often found kitchen cabinets open when she was just closing them, and the water dispenser in her fridge often shutting itself off.

They saw another baby in the picture

More than 29,000 people shared Livingston’s post on Facebook, and many noticed a child was sitting on the sofa next to her.

Nine years after her child’s death, a mother noticed her presence after reading the comments at the bottom of her post. She was shocked but at peace knowing that her baby was still with her.

So I assumed that the strange things happening in her house were because of the child she had lost nearly ten years ago. She always misses her baby on special occasions and wishes he was there to celebrate those days with her.

Another strange incident

A 25-year-old mother from Georgia claims she saw her triplets talking to a “ghost” as she watched them through a baby monitor.

On January 26, 2021, her two-year-olds told her they had spoken to a “monster” in their bedroom near the wall, in the same place where she saw the images in the video.

Caitlin Nichols was shocked to learn what her daughters had seen. However, she had never seen them speak to this invisible being again.

creepy camera sequence

Nichols saw his daughters jumping out of bed when something on the wall caught their attention. The footage shows the girls pointing at a wall and then jumping to grab something.

“Do you like our family?” asked one of them. As the mother saw them hiding behind their armoire, they came out and pointed at the wall. They also screamed when they got back behind the treasury.

Despite the strange behavior of her daughters, the mother said that they were playing in their bedroom. She also added that several other frightening phenomena had already occurred in her house, so it was nothing new for her.

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