Bertrand Chamroy (See you) as a couple? The secret of his love life has finally been revealed!

Bertrand Chameroy joined the France Télévisions group in 2020. He is a columnist for two programs hosted by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. in c for youin France 5, and in 6 at home, in France 2. And we have to believe he loves it because we find him there with a smile. In fact, those who follow the adventures of Bertrand Chamroy on TV know that, this columnist is a hell of a Joker. He never misses an opportunity to make the public smile, whatever the topic. His sense of humor is no longer around and his fans know that his best views are on YouTube.

But today, it’s a topic that affects his private life Objeko I would like to speak to you. Because as shown in the columns of our colleagues in the magazine the pureBertrand Chamiroy is not single. To find out who he shares his life with, we suggest watching several of his favorite “bromances” before rediscovering a frank interview.

Bertrand Chamiroy is in love, he doesn’t hide it

columnist c for you Nobody brags about her private life on social media. Our colleagues at the pure Underline these details to draw a parallelogram with Camille Compal. In fact, he also has the wind in his sails on TV and isn’t the type to talk about his private life. Above all, Bertrand Shamiroy and both are former columnists for Cyril Hanouna. on a set of Don’t touch my TVin C8, both had humorous notes which made them popular.

But nevertheless it should be emphasized, even if it means making a historian c for youCamille Compal became one of TF1’s star hosts. Having said that, you don’t need to be a “star” to thrive. And everything indicates that Bertrand Chameroy spends delicious moments on the set of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. He is particularly close to one of his colleagues, journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi. They both make fun of their relationship by talking about ‘bromance’. And those details, on Instagram, clearly caused a lot of ink to flow. Objeko Do not be afraid that some netizens have imagined that Mohamed Bouhafsi is Bertrand Chamiroy’s beating heart.

But it was not. As the interviews with the main interested party testify to another fact. However, this does not prevent him from continuing to play on such confusions. Especially when he paints a picture of Samuel Etienne, he talks about it as his obsession. Or when he makes a sketch in which he writes a love letter to a famous TV news presenter.

There is undeniable love in the air!

“The courier from the heart awaits” Bass said Bertrand Chameroy had thrown a stuffed pigeon into the air with a message on it. Mail addressed to Julien Bouguer, presenters of JTV France 2. They all do a montage between his dates on set c for you And the JT corridor in which pigeons invited themselves to the set.

In fact, Objeko He wouldn’t surprise you to tell you that Bertrand Chamiroy fans probably thought he was attracted to men. But we have to believe that the columnist is still in a relationship with a woman. Even for a long time! Already in 2016, he denied rumors that he was in a relationship with Erica Mollet. “No, it’s not her. I’ve had a girlfriend for several years and she’s been the same from the start. (…) No, I’m not a heart to take. I’m in a relationship with a woman I love very much.”Then he said in columns screen star.

And later, in June 2021, he was in Pillars Release It was possible to read his detailed picture. A portrait in which it appears that Bertrand Chameroy lived in Paris with his wife. It was also determined that his wife also worked in the media world. But it is impossible to get more information about the private life of the columnist c for you. He is in a relationship with a woman, they have been married and have been in love for a long time. That’s all we can note about his private life.

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