Agri web readers are very sensitive to eddy currents

We can say that Web-agri readers are somewhat sensitive, even highly reactive, to parasitic currents that “disturb the welfare, production, and health of their animals, even causing their death,” according to their report. They wish, upstream, further impact studies, and in the downstream stages, that the actors take their responsibilities in the event of a problem.

“One of the myriad pollutants, with complete impunity…”, regrets Maiceriam Calipso.

Jack Largron It’s almost certain that like this electrical tension is born magnetic flux So strong that animals feel much more than humans. “But it’s devastating to our health,” he adds.

Also harmful to humans.

“(…) Let’s wait for the lightning bolts to react! (…),” spear Maiceriam Calipso.

“Cellulitis, mastitis, loss of milk and cows”

” Long live the animal welfare ! “, Add Magali Lemonade. Such disturbances for animals are “unbearable”.

“In some buildings built directly under high voltage lineswe feel the vibrations in the ground and metallic objects”, as Jean-Luc Cardon testifies.

for Jack Largron“This makes sense because high voltage currents generate a magnetic flux around it. Everything vibrates and you cannot touch anything without taking a strong discharge or more.”

Long live animal welfare!

” I have two Cell towers near livestock buildings And I suffer the same as all the breeders who complain about it: lack of milk, increased cells, mastitis, discomfort from milking cows, loss of animals. All this without explanation and despite the regular control of the milking machine and the selection of the herd…” Steve 72to highlight the irony: “We are tired of caring for animals, but we install these antennas everywhere, and above all in any place. We don’t care about the neighborhood and we don’t care about the farms.” “This reader regrets” for not doing research on Effects of electromagnetic waves on animals “What are Enray and Edel doing? asks himself.

Desires of “courage” The word IsabelAfter this testimony, the producers faced these harassment.

“Hundreds of Educators Concerned”

then Gilles Chavalier Hope the item breeder will get paging air suspension It claims in order to “be able to prove its effect during these three months”.

“Finally a real step forward!”, it is written Vincent DuclosIn reference to RTE charged with paying €450,000 to farmers whose animals suffer from electromagnetic waves. For years, Vincent’s animals suffered from “hive problems due to the high voltage lines running next to” his farm. “You made me understand that I was delirious!!,” he gets annoyed.

But RTE and its phone operators have been cleared of all responsibility.

Steve 72 He expresses some doubts regarding the outcome of these legal actions: “Everything is being done to relieve RTE and telephone operators of their responsibility. Moreover, he questions the seriousness of this company: “Are their electrodes properly connected to the ground? Are its facilities, especially transformers, maintained? Is there no current leakage into the environment? »

“Antennas are installed without precaution, on geological defects, but the RTE will never recognize, this reader thinks. Stop calling us idiots! There are hundreds of breeders like the breeders in Haute-Loire, who have never had a problem and who, Since the antenna is installed, the animals are inspected. Do not be surprised that they are fed up and that some find themselves in financial difficulties. stop breeding. Let’s not forget that these waves have an effect on humans. I know a breeder next door with two branches who was losing animals for no reason and ended up having a stroke. »

“Without an antenna, there is no cell phone in the countryside”

One intervention seems to contradict the previous comments. Despite “two high-voltage lines passing near and even above the booth”, Clément Paulien “has no problem”.

What surprises Jack Largron “Maybe your building is made of wood, which limits induction, or all of your metal structures are well-grounded.”

“(…) But without these antennas, no Mobile phone network in the countryside !!!, pointing to Celine Villiersrecognizing that “(…) if the studies were done correctly, the antennas would be in a better position and the whole city would benefit”.

“(…) No one goes without the other, press François R. Thomas which judges that “unlike chemical pollution, the toxicity of cell phone waves has not been clearly demonstrated, at least at the doses authorized in France (…)”.

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