Cindy was disappointed, she revealed everything about her nights with Joffrey…

It all started very well for Cyndie and Jauffrey in Season 6 of Married at first sight. He was a former high-level swimmer and is today a lifeguard for children. He dreams of starting a family and experts have found him compatible with Cyndie. The beautiful green-eyed brunette is a make-up and sports are very important to her too. In the photo we see her boxing. All she lacked was a small pair for her happiness. But we taught you some information up front which you will discover in next Monday’s episode, Monday 13th June 2022 on M6. If you want to be surprised, don’t read this article!

Married at first sight Cindy and Joffrey’s friendship has taken over

The stories follow each other in the sixth season of Married at first sight But they don’t look alike. In fact, for Caroline and Axel, it was a fiasco from the start. Then, for Emily and Frederick, the pair hit it off right away. They were on their little cloud, but every day, the distance, they caught up with them and started arguing. The couple decided to divorce. The duo formed by Alicia and Bruno do very well, but there is a shadow on the board: Bruno’s overly possessive sister. So, Pauline and Damien are fusion and they are really on the same wavelength. Their compatibility appears on the screen and they have already started making plans. For Eddie and Jennifer, things are complicated, because the young woman is completely stuck and has trouble getting physically close to her husband.

As for Cyndie and Jauffrey, they were quite a bit of a comedian for a group Married at first sight. Since their first meeting, they joked on the spot as if they had been friends for a long time. But this is the love that the nominees are looking for on the show. In the next episode, you will find lovers watching their concert in Gibraltar.

A perfect start for a young couple

Joffrey and Cindy do not live nearby. In fact, distance can be a real obstacle in a romantic relationship and it is very difficult to last over time. Thus, the handsome brunette begins to doubt. ” I wonder about the distance. Adding an hour and a half to the trip doesn’t necessarily reassure me. The former swimming champion explains.

In the episode, he makes a journey to join his dear and tenderhearted. Wasn’t disappointed with the trip, that’s it already! ” Good little evening. It allows you both to have fun, it’s fun and something we’ve never seen before ‘, announces candidate Married at first sight.

One thing is for sure, they get along well, but is that enough in love? Unfortunately, tonight did not allow the two young ones Married at first sight To get physically close, which drives Cindy to despair. In fact, she reveals it Very disappointed “.The show’s psychologist, Pascal de Sutters, explains that they are not the same height and that this would be a problem.” She would like to take steps with her husband, but the message does not get through ‘, he says and adds that it’s a connection issue.

Jauffrey doesn’t get enough attention for Cyndie in Married at first sight

You will also discover Cindy and Joffrey making risotto in an episode Married at first sight. The 33-year-old beautician is following her husband’s recommendations and he has noticed this interest. ” I know she doesn’t like it. This is happiness. It’s a real couple life A friend of Florent Manaudou tells my photographers m 6.

But the evening did not meet Cindy’s expectations. In fact, there is not enough connections and seduction for her. At some point, her husband deserted her and went to bed. Is this an embarrassing invitation to his wife to come with him? Cindy doesn’t see it that way. ” I feel like we’re 10, he kissed me and went to bed “Explains the expert. She would like the relationship to develop, but it seems that her husband does not understand this. ” I lost a little, admit. See you next Monday at m 6 !

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