What is Web 3.0 and how is it related to coding?

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Once we start learning about the concept of blockchain (and again…), the idea of ​​Web 3.0 arrives! Web 3.0 (or web3) is a concept that is emerging more and more in discussions about the future of technology. But it is clear that at the moment, Web 3.0 is all kinds of sauce. Discover the outlines of Web 3.0, the future of the Internet.

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What is web 3.0?

There is no official definition for Web 3.0. Also, it’s hard to blame people who use or misuse this term. However, we can nevertheless define the concept or its philosophy. In short, Web 3.0 is synonymous with decentralization. But let’s go further than that. Web 3.0, what is it?

Web 1.0, Web 2.0… Web 3.0?

The concept of 3.0 refers to the evolution of the Internet over the years. Also, to better understand the “3.0” update, we must go back to the history of the Internet.

The Website 1.0 refers to the Internet from 1991 to 2004. Admittedly, it was a time “those under 20 don’t know”… but for others, we remember that the internet was made up of so-called “static” pages. Pages do not contain interactive content such as advertisements or animations. The information was one-way: from the page to the user.

then Web 2.0 receipt ! This is the type of internet we use regularly today. Thus the famous Web 2.0 period was born Ava Like Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. The main change between web 1.0 and web 2.0 is related toThe interaction between the Internet and use. Information is now a two-way street. As with Web 1.0, the user always takes information from the web page. But now it is sharing its private data with the network. Hence this data is collected by tech giants and resold. Thus, this data sharing leads to targeted marketing and personalized advertising.

The Web 3.0 Part of this momentum intends to further developcommitment For the user with an increase independence. The great feature of Web 3.0 is Web Decentralization. Let’s see how.

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Web 3.0 Advantages

Concretely, under the dominance of Web 3.0, blockchain technology will work replace GAFA (And their transgressions…). Thanks to the properties of the blockchain, Web 3.0 will allow the user to:

  • Be the true and sole owner of the data;
  • control the data you share;
  • remain unknown;
  • Avoid any form of censorship.

So Web 3.0 designates a A set of decentralized applications running on blockchain technology using tokens or cryptography. In essence, Web 3.0 is related to cryptocurrency.

With Web 3.0, the logic is also that company management is moving from a centralized model (as is the case with GAFA at the moment) to a DAO model. Under the English “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”, DAO is A company where token owners are the decision makers.

Web 3.0: Some concrete applications

After outlining, let’s find out some concrete applications of Web 3.0.

area Web 2.0 Web 3.0
video stream Youtube Theta, Ioz
music streaming Spotify, Deezer audio
Cloud drop box Akash, a thousand, piles
cipher exchange Binance, Queen Biz Uniswap
Browser The Google brave
data storage Arweave, Filecoin, Siacoin

Web 3.0 sector attracts talent from major technology companies

Web 3.0 has long become a reality. If the mutation is only in its infancy, then Labor market already affected. Web 3.0 companies are hiring by weeding out Big Tech talent. Thus, we are seeing more and more talents leaving big companies like Google or Amazon to join crypto web 3.0 companies.

“Naturally, people will want to work on what they see as the most exciting and innovative development in technology right now, which is cryptocurrency and Web3. (…) Many see this as the future of the tech industry, in the same way that Facebook and Amazon have been. Attractive in the past.” Alex Bouaziz, CEO and Co-Founder, Dell

In addition to the technological appeal, Web 3.0 companies now have the means to attract the great talent of the future. finance Blockchain startup It exploded like never before in 2021 as can be seen from the chart below. This cash flow has enabled these companies to change gears and provide highly profitable business conditions.


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