The two unrecognizable child stars after 29 years, that’s what they became

If you are a fan of adventure movies and Steven Spielberg’s world, you must have watched Jurassic Park. It’s a cult movie from the ’90s that had many very successful parts. In the first sage movie, she necessarily remembers the two children who were part of the cast. They were Ariana Richards as Lex and Joe Matzello as Tim. At the time, he was only 14 and 10 years old. What will they be today? We show you what they look like. Did you manage to identify them?

Jurassic Park: Find out what the two baby stars look like!

If you like Jurassic Park, Do not miss the broadcast of the first part of Monday, June 6 on the channel TMC. This movie did so well that there was a sequel. In fact, the American cinematic story consists of six films. the first, Jurassic Park In 1993, then The Lost World: Jurassic Park In 1997, Jurassic Park 3 In 2001, jurassic world in And the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in Jurassic World: The World Beyond, Expected release date soon.

29 years ago, this first movie propelled the careers of actors Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and also Jeff Goldblum. Even today, they produce many successful films and feature series. But what about the two children? As a reminder, Ariana Richards interpreted the character of Lex. A scared teenager who hates dinosaurs and is a computer genius. Joseph Matzilo, better known as Joe Matzilo, played his little brother Tim. Less fearful and who loves dinosaurs unlike her sister. He knows everything about everything and gives Professor Grant a hard time. What happened to them after the resounding success of Jurassic Park?

teenager Jurassic Park changing career

Ariana Richards is now 43 years old. She remains in the art world, but has a very different life than she would have lived by remaining a film actress. In fact, she is a far cry from rhinestones and sequins since she became a full-time illustrator, according to information from journalists at the sun. young actress Jurassic Park She lives on the west coast of the United States, in Oregon. She married Mark Aaron Bolton in 2013 and had a baby girl in 215.

on his account Instagramshares her daily life, but has not forgotten her amazing adventure in Jurassic Park, As evidenced by his post below. After this experience, we also saw it in the epic shivering And in 2013, she soon ceased to devote herself to painting.

The little boy stayed in the world of cinema

Then, together with Joe Mazzello, things are somewhat different, because the young man remained in the world of cinema, cameras and film sets. Where Jurassic Park, The actor has limited achievements. We can mention, for example, his participation in a cult series experts In 2003, then in the movie Hollow, after a year. In 2010, he appeared in the cast social network Where he played the character of Dustin Moskovitz, the man who co-created the social network FB With Mark Zuckerberg playing the main role.

In addition, the actor Jurassic Park He also starred in Freddie Mercury’s biopic, titled bohemian rhapsody, in 2018. Along with Rami Malek, he excelled in the role of the Queen’s bassist named John Deacon. Moreover, he was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2019. Now we are waiting for the young man in a new series called unexpectedWith Anna Camp and Neil Flynn. We can say that my baby Jurassic Park They seem to have found their voice and are thriving!

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