The Decisive Role: Top 10 Romances, According to Reddit

There is a tense rift in Laudna and Imogen’s relationship decisive roleIt is the third campaign and it is wreaking havoc on the bells of Hell. Although they started out as a sweet couple with romantic implications, their relationship has since fallen apart, after Laudna had to break up with Gnarlrock from Imogen.

However, most decisive role Relationships went through a difficult period or two. Although they face controversy today, they still have a chance to recover from the ruins of their partnership tomorrow. Even the best couples on the show have faced rough waters.

ten briar woods

There is nothing like a character who does her best to keep her husband by her side. But, when all this meant surrendering to an evil pseudo-divine entity bent on destroying reality, it didn’t always end well. Briarwoods were defined by their love for one another, although this love was often used for evil.

“The characters are evil but a beautiful and healthy relationship between them. Like the image of a loving husband and wife. Too bad for all murders,” says Redditor May Rachel. As antagonists, they were able to turn the show from a niche online series into a global phenomenon almost overnight, and every That’s so they can take Whitestone as their own and save their lives.Romantic.In some way.

9 Faith Wisa

Most couples promise to stay together through thick and thin. Faith and Yeza take this more seriously than the others. After Faith is kidnapped and turned into an imp, once Yeza realizes this, he supports his wife through it all and encourages her to travel as an adventurer.

“The way the power structure has changed since he was helping and supporting Yeza has been only golden,” said Reddit user LarsEinar. “Also, I don’t think anyone has gone through more than Faith for his love.” Truly, Yeza was the epitome of patience and managed to help his wife stay together even after she was taken to the plane of flames and temporarily lost her son.

8 Fax and Kelith

The first major relationship between decisive role The player characters, Vax, and Keyleth are what paved the way for all the upcoming partners. However, tragedy marred their relationship. “He was always going to end up getting buried, whether it was two years from now or two hundred years from now,” says Reddit user ssidemalu16.

Although Vax was kidnapped by Keyleth very early on, as a woman willing to live for 1,000 years, she was still certain she would outlive her half-elf love. The clumsy priestess wasn’t able to live her life with a burdened Vax, and that’s part of what made her so compelling. Sometimes love cannot be fully experienced and this gives it meaning.

Seven flower cash

Two guest characters who fell in love, Zahra and Cash, made a huge impact on the show in the few episodes they appeared in. As one Redditor, Yoffien, said, “Zahra and Cash rule, they have an amazing character harmony with almost no screen time.

The two manage to start a family together after their final showdown with Vecna, making it one of the few relationships in the decisive role To finish well. Plus, there’s nothing better than friends becoming family, which is why this relationship is such a big primary topic for the show.

6 Alura and Kima

Ex-adventurers and socialites, Alura and Kema were made for each other. “They are both certified as strong people in their own right. They are both incredibly supportive of each other,” describes Reddit user Brilliant-Worry-4446.

Councilwoman and brilliant witch Allura was just as capable as her warrior wife, but both really helped provide strengths where their partner had weaknesses. Where Keima was direct, Alora was wary. Where Kima was macho, Alura knew diplomacy. It was a touching relationship that really helped make the world of Exandria feel like living in it, as they added the feeling that there was a long history in the land before the birth of Vox Machina.

5 Papinon and Marion

Jester’s mom and dad, who were separated by many years and criminal activity, Papinnon and Marion were actually a really nice couple. Reintroduced by their wayward daughter, the two rekindle their relationship and Papinon, the gentleman, fakes his death to make sure they can live out the rest of their lives together.

“From the backstory to Jester trying to play matchmaker all the time, then the epilogue we get for them,” says Redditor MrKrory. “Some people said it was too perfect, but come on…it’s a fantasy.” While most decisive role The non-playable characters don’t get such detailed and happy endings, it’s nice that the two of them can find love again, even after it rips them all apart.

4 fjord and clown

With Caleb, Beau, and Fjord falling for her, Jester really had his pick of Mighty Nein. However, in the end, Jester manages to find herself in love with a half-sailor orc, and their relationship is touching. The Fjord helped root the wild clown, and Jester helped bring out the fun side of the Fjord.

It’s part of the attraction of their relationship. Frequent_Professor59 shared on Reddit: “It was so refreshing to see a worry-free relationship where they can have fun together.” Although they both experienced their own traumas, it was fun to watch Laura Bailey achieve her long-awaited victory by finally luring her husband into D & D romantic.

3 Bo and Yasha

The player character’s first same-sex relationship in decisive roleBo and Yasha weren’t really looking for love. Yasha had already lost his wife, and Bo was not ready for a relationship. However, by the time the two met, growth was slow from the start.

Not sure yet when I started watching, but they started flirting as soon as they met and I was excited to see how it went,” kjftiger95 said on Reddit. Some of the second campaign’s best episodes came when the two were trying to navigate their budding relationship – and when Beau was trying to hack the mind-controlled Yasha.

2 Caleb and Esk

What’s better than a sad, morally questionable wizard? Two sad witches morally questionable! From the moment Caleb and Essek began working together to reveal the secrets of dunamance, the two seemed to have a special weight holding them together – and it wasn’t just their charm.

“Caleb and Essek had such depth and really great conversations about redemption/being better than the way I grew up,” Wattock said on Reddit. In fact, magicians were driven into dark designs with a desire to get smarter. Together they put their tragic pasts aside and begin trying to figure out how to move forward despite their unforgivable mistakes.

1 Fix and Percy

Vox Machina’s deepest relationship that has survived it all. Talon1245 sur Reddit dit: “C’est vraiment une accumulation crédible entre deux personnages qui ont vu le meilleur et le pire l’un dans l’autre et l’ont accepté sans jugement et à la fin, ils se sentent comme un couple véritablement In good health.”

Between scenes in the docks with Vex holding his breath hard underwater to Percy offering the nickname Vex only to get revenge on his father, the two are made for each other. Snark, tragedy, and a touch of nobility brought them together, but their obstinacy and love prevented them from even daring to turn away.

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