NOUNOU ADOM, Vendée’s experts in home childcare

Vendée specializes in home child care, NOUNOU ADOM supports families and offers them the right solution. Whether it’s regular or occasional childcare, weekdays or weekends, Wednesdays or holidays, the headache of childcare at Vendée is over thanks to the NANNY ADOM teams!

CALLING NOUNOU ADOM means allowing parents to peacefully reconcile their professional, family and personal lives. It means providing a balance between community life and time for each child in their familiar environment. It also means relying on experts to take care of children at home.

“I take care of children in their parents’ homes”

Severin, 51, has always been a child scientist and has been working for NOUNOU ADOM since September 2021. Having had her teeth cut as a nanny, nanny and then a nursery school facilitator, she began a validation learning experience (VAE) process for her CAP AEPE (Childhood Educational Facilities) early). The company accompanied and supported her in this process.

Childcare experts at Vendée © Nani Adom

“My goal was to validate my achievements and obtain a first diploma in early childhood” Severin explains. “As a nanny at NOUNOU ADOM, I take care of children in their parents’ homes. I accompany them daily according to their needs and desires. The tasks are varied: taking children from nursery or school and eating them, preparing and eating snacks or meals, bathing or showering, helping to dress or even helping to perform Homework. I especially appreciate game times, reading or DIY activities that allow children to unleash their creativity and develop their motor skills. I absolutely love my job as a babysitter” !

When one asks Severin, the qualities required to practice this profession, she responds without hesitation“You have to be kind, meticulous, patient, know how to frame kindly, respect parents’ education, be free to act, and be attentive. Being a babysitter means adapting to families’ needs and in particular to their schedules. It also means making a long commitment. Respect for children and parents. Every family and every child we support brings us a lot of energy, and it also makes us grow.”.

Employment: Becoming a Babysitter in Fendi

NOUNOU ADOM presents a career in full development, rich in adventures and human lessons. Every family is unique, so there is no standard profile for the childcare profession. Feel free to apply whatever your background!

Since a childcare job at NOUNOU ADOM often requires hours or extra income, teams strive to adapt to the schedules of staff and families alike. Currently, NOUNOU ADOM is recruiting for:

  • Grandmothers and grandfathers are looking for a retirement supplement and want to share their experiences and joy of life
  • Employees looking for extra hours and wages
  • Students looking for a regular student job adapted to their course schedule

rock on yun. Baby Care Solution

NOUNOU ADOM demonstrates professionalism and expertise. The company accompanies its employees and families in order to allow them to work in complete calm.

A local supervisor is available and takes care of the children. She goes to families’ homes to ensure the smooth running of services, discusses with stakeholders and answers any questions they may have.

Nannies also have access to various face-to-face trainings (first aid gestures, call signs, etc.) or even e-learning.

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Doors open at La Roche-sur-Yon on Saturday 25 June from 10am to 4pm.


  • 61 Gothenburg Street
  • 85000 La Roche-sur-Yon
  • 02 51 84 20 04 – La Roche[at]

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  • Les Sables d’Olonne: 02 51 84 20 03 – olonne[at]
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  • St. Gilles Cross of Life: 02 49 59 00 58 – Saint Giles[at]
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