Frank (Love in the Meadow) Separated from Cecil: What Really Cut Their Relationship (Excluded)

sincere It was revealed in Love in the meadow 2021, on the M6. The 48-year-old forester and gardener was fascinated, and sometimes even annoyed, the public with his story with suitors Cecil and Ann Lise. asked by the pureHe returned to his relationship with the mother compared to Line Reno.

How have you been since the end of filming?

Very well. I resumed my life before, based on work and my relationships with my Oregon dog. It happens to me quite often that I get caught, and it is not unpleasant to know that it is always a good thing. It’s not like what happened online while broadcasting. I was very violent, but they never said anything in front of me. He’s impressively cowardly. They don’t realize the damage they’re doing. I wasn’t waiting for this.

Does production prepare you for this before filming?

We are asked not to go and see what is being said on social networks. But our relatives are watching and telling us about it. So we go someday. I am not the type to give up. I answered several times, but not very politely. But production asked me to stop.

Where is your love life now?

At the moment, the situation is very calm. It hasn’t changed much, except for the ladies’ appearance perhaps. I find it more good. I was convinced not to please, so it gave me confidence and slots too.

During the adventure, you especially met Cecil, with whom you had an idyllic character. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, especially since you revealed that one of Cecil’s sons refused to let you love his mother. For any reason ?

It was one of the reasons we couldn’t love each other as a real couple. You have to put yourself in Cecil’s shoes, it is only natural for a mother to go in the direction of her children. I understand that her son wants to protect her from disappointment. She had a difficult relationship before me with the father of her children. They must have suffered so I guess he was afraid. Perhaps he was also afraid that she would be less present to him. I think the family that is formed after suffering has much stronger bonds, bonds that someone like me cannot necessarily understand. I don’t blame anyone, this happened, that’s all.

Otherwise why didn’t it work?

I’m pretty clumsy about some things. I have my faults and Cecil too. When it doesn’t work, it’s not necessarily one person’s fault. can be complete. But what made us separate is simple, these are all the comments that have been out there on the internet. Women who have allowed themselves to give Cecile advice that I am not a good man. I didn’t think it would hurt that much. Cecil read the comments every evening. Whatever you say, she was very present on social media during the broadcast. But when there is failure somewhere, there may be success behind it. We always get up.

Do you think flashback is possible?

no. I really liked her, but when she explains things that we don’t understand or we don’t want to understand… it was a story between her and us, not between netizens and us. We still have four months of great love. It ended when the show aired. We broke up before filming the balance sheet and got back together a little earlier. But then Cecile couldn’t stand seeing me with Ann Lise during one of the episodes. It’s a shame, we could have done something great.

Did you stay in touch?

We remained friends, and we see each other regularly. We have good relations. Something I would love with Ann Lise. But she was upset about the way it happened between us, it’s a shame. I wish I could keep a good relationship with her. I’m different, maybe that’s also why it took me so long to find someone.

different in what sense?

You are drowning in work. I was waiting to get a fairly decent position to start a family. It took longer than expected and now that it’s over, I may have missed the right person for me.

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