20 Unstoppable Signs You Have Too Much Clothes

It seems that We actually only wear 32% of our wardrobe, thus we can get rid of everything without any problem and in the end it won’t make any difference to us. Why then do we insist on keeping a lot of clothes if we don’t really need them on a daily basis? Imagine what you could do with all that wasted space?

The main problem with this excessive excess of clothes comes from our biased state of mind regarding things, especially the clothes, shoes and accessories that we own. We don’t realize we have a lot of clothes, some of which we only wear once a year, and some that never come out of a drawer or closet.

The first thing to do, to easily save space in the dressing room, is to realize all the clothes that no longer have a place in your wardrobe and do a large sorting at least 1-2 times. times a year, for example of the change of season between spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Sorting regularly is essential to get rid of clothes that have holes, stains, damage, or clothes that you no longer want to wear or that no longer fit. And if you’re having trouble getting started because you honestly think you’re wearing all the clothes in your closet, immediately discover 20 signs that you have too much.

If you find yourself there, it’s because it’s time to do a good sorting of your clothes and that you have to gain a precious spot in the process…

1. You feel like tidying up your wardrobe or dressing room almost every day

2. Despite your best efforts, some piles crumble and you desperately need space

3. You regularly get new clothes (you can’t help it, you love it!)

4. Some of the clothes, shoes or accessories in your closet still have the tags on or have never been worn

5. You can’t keep all the shoeboxes anymore because you’re starting to get too much

6. Your clothes are stored in several rooms of the house, because your dressing room (or bedroom) is no longer enough

7. Several times a month you tell yourself that you need to buy relationships because you are running out of them.

8. You envy perfectly tidy wardrobes and dressing rooms that fill little clothes that you can see in some of the decorative photos

9. Clothes are so packed in your dressing room that they come out wrinkled even though you took the time to iron them.

10. Sometimes you make the mistake of putting on certain clothes, but it takes several days before you realize it.

11. Your loved ones never see you wear the same outfit twice.

12. Even when your laundry bin is overflowing, it doesn’t make more room for you in your closet.

13. Your clothes come in almost every color possible

14. The people around you can’t help but roll their eyes when you say you have nothing to wear.

15. You have so many clothing choices that it is incredibly time consuming to choose your outfit for the day.

16. And despite everything you already have in your closet, you’re so used to having this option that you find yourself fantasizing about other potential options (eg on that little embroidered belt and lace-up top that you discovered a little. Days ago in a store)

17. She loves new clothes and is rarely damaged by wear (such as a seam that comes off or a hole forms from chafing)

18. Your dressing room is a bit like your own collection: you are proud of it, you love to see your clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, and accessories, and how choosing your clothes for the day gives you so much pleasure. -The more you have in front of you, the better!

19. You get bored very quickly: Your favorite shirt generally stays that way…just a few weeks, until the last prettiest/prettiest/most stylish spotted in the window takes it off.

20. Going shopping calms you down: You love window shopping, sales, or look at new collections that fascinate you, and buying new clothes is definitely your favorite gift.

If you find yourself in at least 5 of these signs, it is very likely that you have a lot of clothes in your wardrobe, and if you love shopping, this is not likely to change! In any case, you will really benefit from sorting out in your dressing room and separating yourself from the clothes that you only wear occasionally.

If it’s too hard and you don’t feel ready to throw it away yet, you can start by putting it in a separate box and recording the date of sorting. This will allow you to see how long it takes to open the box in question and to reuse those clothes you’ve put aside, possibly parting them for good if several years have passed without you wearing them.

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