The whereabouts of Santoro and their six children have finally been revealed!

Santoro has been on the M6 ​​show for 3 seasons. Very quickly, they wanted to keep their secret garden. But where do they live? We found you where they live. We tell you everything!

by intrusion Big Families: Life in XXLThe Santoro family weren’t just friendships…Viewers are really upset because in this house, everything looks so perfect. No fold does not stand out! However, with her beloved Nicholas, they still raised 6 children. This is a way to annoy other families who can’t do this with just one or two kids.

Therefore, many Internet users share their complaints on social networks. They are green with jealousy towards this young mother of 27 years with whom everything seems to be working out. However, in the beginning, if she was ready to start a large family, this was not really the choice of her companion. ” Camille wanted a fourth child. not me. You convinced me. I had two miscarriages, before getting pregnant again. ‘, confided her companion, Nicolas Santoro, to the Bluewin website.

“The days I don’t put on makeup, I don’t do my hair…”

And to add: We rarely talk about perinatal bereavement, especially from a man’s point of view. But I personally experienced these miscarriages very badly. Those kids, I lost them too. Fortunately, after that, she became pregnant with twins. Surprise because there are no twins in our families. But we welcomed the news with great pleasure! »

As for carrying twins, it was necessarily a hell of an adventure for both parents. Compared to my previous three pregnancies, it was a shock. “It’s a very high-risk pregnancy,” the father said. “Having twins is a completely different matter. Even if we already had experience as parents, we had to re-learn everything, we started from scratch. And so the Bluewin site continued.

Already, journalists from Bluewin indicated to Nicholas that everything was very clean in the house. “With us too, sometimes there is chaos!”, Then he should confirm. “Yes, Camille is very passionate about cleaning and I am about tidying up. Second, it gives good organization. I’m a policeman and Camille is an esthetician. He further added.

Camille, “You always get dressed”?

And if Camille is “always dressed,” he identifies that “she’s always been, and always will be. Same for me, we’re beautiful, we get along, even when we’re not going out! It’s not about having a camera crew in the house, we really are. We like it in real life.”

After several weeks of broadcasting and many criticisms of Internet users about it, Camille Santoro was forced to respond. ” I’m often judged on the three-minute episode you see in the evening on TF1. I wanted to remind you that life is not rosy for anyone, nothing is perfect, and that with us it also screams. That he is with us also sometimes, and often, the house is not tidy. »

Santoro: A beautician worried about her appearance

And to add: That there are days when I don’t wear makeup or my hair. That our children scream, that I scream, that bickering, that our children argue. Because really that’s how life is. We have fears, too, like everyone else. We are going through such a tough time right now and it’s humancontinued on Instagram. Above all, don’t think that everything is fine with us and that everything is perfect… far from it. ‘, she finally concluded.

The couple were very conservative about their private lives, and the couple wanted to keep part of their lives away from the M6 ​​cameras. But they could not keep the name of the place where they reside. It is actually the small town of Creutzwald in Moselle on the border with Germany. Nicholas, a policeman by profession, took 6 months of parental leave. As for Camille, she worked a lot in the field of cosmetology. Today, she launched her own brand of baby pajamas, which is called “November 10”.

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