The main challenge for brands

Meet the consumer of tomorrow It is a huge challenge for brands, and a job that requires careful analysis of the behaviors and trends that will shape the world of tomorrow.

Without real consumer knowledge, brands lose their future. So it is very important to use Consumer reviews To deal intelligently with these new consumer profiles that are gradually taking shape.

To understand the breadth of the topic, feel free to read: How do you approach consumers as a brand? So you can download files Shape Tomorrow Report With many data that will allow you to approach the future more calmly.

Use Consumer Insights: Know the Consumer Well

For any self-respecting company or brand, knowing its purpose is undoubtedly one of the cornerstones that lead to success. However, knowing it is fundamentally different than knowing how to name it! So it is a question Know your goal personally (by far) to the point of recording her actions and being able to capture the moment(s) most appropriate to her touch.

Her personal knowledge does not imply a direct relationship here, but an in-depth analysis to allow any brand or company to develop Effective and efficient marketing strategy. If we do not know the consumer we are dealing with, all the strategic business that will result from it will lose its scope.

This is the reason behind the solutions Consumer intelligence Such as Talkwalkerwhich makes it possible to analyze a segment and market and provide usable data for the strategies to be deployed.

If knowledge of consumers is essential, it is also essential to be closer to trends. Whether it is about changes in consumption plus many environmental and social issues.

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Finally, there are various solutions and procedures that will allow brands and companies to collect data with the aim of exploiting and analyzing it. Let’s take a look at some of these levers below:

Consumer knowledge: levers and information used

everybody Information collected by brands and companies They are sources that will help to better understand consumers, and thus better meet their needs and expectations. Thus, there are several strategic levers that will allow this data to be collected. We can count on the online presence of brands and companies through social networks in particular.

by resorting to community managementThey will mainly rely on their communities through their community manager. The latter will be able to develop and publish various procedures, with the aim of recovering data to better know consumers. We may raise contests, surveys and all promotional actions that require the giving of certain data.

Social networks by themselves already powerful databases Everyone can use it without violating regulations and laws, of course. They are teeming with information of all kinds, which brands can take advantage of.

Consumer Insights Guide

It will be the same for digital marketing Each tunneling through the landing pages for example collects valuable information again. Note that all this must also be done with great respect for the consumer, as we will see below.


It is not Metavers that will affect data collection and consumer knowledge, quite the opposite. They will gradually become, in my opinion, new communication vectors In the service of brands, to meet and get closer to their customers and consumers.

Regarding The data to be collected, they will undoubtedly be in the Metaverse, but perhaps different from the point of view of context, but also with the freshness of the universes to be recreated within the Metaverse. Note that consumers will actually transition to new consumption patterns.

The consumer is in the center!

On the one hand the consumer and on the other hand brands and companies. In the center there are many channels, tools and everything that makes it possible to collect data. However, the consumer must be in the center, with a lot of work from different entities, on customer relationship In particular but also about all those concerns user experience.

Consumer satisfied with participationbut the consumer is in the stage of thinking, discovering or searching for information, he does not need to undergo many forms, to be tracked down and to see himself scrutinized for everything and anything.

Any brand or company should earn their trust first, and as such, influencers are currently the best way to establish this relationship with the consumer.

Collecting information regarding the consumer

Data collection and analyzing them with the aim of exploiting them, this should always be done in accordance with the rules and with respect for the consumer. If we can see a revolution in terms of laws and especially at the level of the RGPD, it seems that many adjustments still need to be made.

Many players, and Google first, must continue their compliance, particularly via tools like Google Analytics. In addition, this free tool is one of the most used tools for tracking Internet users on the websites of brands and companies. This causes serious problems in terms of data collection to improve its presentation in particular.

However, let’s not blame the implementation of data protection rules and laws, because in all cases, the consumer must remain in the center. Unfortunately, it has often been overlooked in disputes between some brands on this topic.

Remember the recent confrontation between Apple and Facebook when it was discussed that the iPhone provides a way to block ads. Facebook criticized the Apple brand by arguing about the shortage in small businesses, but in no time did it elevate the user’s right to control what they wanted to see.

Which in my opinion is a big mistake in contacting Facebook! Data at any cost only the user or consumer who cares! This sums up what Facebook was showing. Companies pay for what the consumer discloses, does, does, etc. But in this case, he does not get paid.

What aggregate data is used?

The data researched and used by brands and companies better defines the needs, expectations and desires of consumers. They are also related to purchasing positionsThe behaviors and feelings that consumers reveal and everything that makes it possible to approach them and interact by enhancing their commitment. There is no limit and it depends on the brands and companies.

Consumer reviews

Demographic data, geolocation data, forecasts, budget management, Consumer reviews and so on have no limits by summation. It’s time for consumer reviews!

Simple information such as when the connected shutters close will be useful to the company. From there you should be able to make the data collected speak, and analyze it in order to develop new products that respond more accurately to specific needs. It’s a big topic in Digital Business Transformation.

Why does the bank require your date of birth to verify your potential file? Etc…everything is usable and has a purpose, but where is the consumer in all of this?


Consumers are becoming increasingly fickleSo brands have a lot to do Create retention sustainable and by building loyalty in the best possible way. Many issues still have to be resolved with online purchases, such as shopping cart abandonment, the aforementioned volatility, trust creation, ad saturation, ad formats, consumer reviews, etc.

Unfortunately, many mechanisms are emerging within companies present on the Internet, such as chatbots in particular, and this risks hampering the user experience as well as relationships with customers. Back to the problem of getting the right information at the right time, to start the buying process and with that human relationship Who should be on the front line.

Content generated by brands and processes deployed in influencer marketing are levers to consider in order to create affinity and Building confidence Reciprocity between the brand and the consumer. There is a lot, but it takes resources, a lot of time, investment and real meticulous work to do (re)conquer the consumer.

Consumer Insights Guide

In conclusion, to deepen the topic, find out The complete guide Consumer insights by Talkwalker:

Consumer Insights Guide

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