Here are some tips for getting through the inevitable stages in a relationship without letting go of the feathers

This health crisis has prompted us to question different topics such as the environment or globalization. But that doesn’t mean the couple were upset, either. All couples are different. In fact, there are several stages that go through in a married couple’s life. From the stage of butterflies in the abdomen, to the durability of fusion love, through to disappointment, all stages permeate the life of the couple. Psychologist Camille Rocher and author of the book, Love begins after 3 years It deals with themes of couple development, obstacles to overcome and good reflexes to adopt. Target ? Helping to breathe new life into the spouses who sadly lost them. In fact, there are 4 keys to know to go through the stages of a married couple’s life in order to find and break out of a satisfactory balance. here they are !

fusion stage

Butterflies in the tummy, a feeling of fullness, unconditional love… who’s never been? The first weeks or months of a relationship usually start with passion. We represent our partner. For us, it’s the prettiest, the prettiest, the coolest… In other words, it’s the best! You can’t find anything wrong with it. And for good reason, you’re totally in love with him. Even if this is the time we are still getting to know each other. Every day you spend away from him breaks your heart. When you think about it, you instantly have butterflies in your stomach. Passion is the first characteristic of the first months of a romantic relationship. Explains sexologist Veronique LaRiver worldwide. This stage of the beginning of my relationship is also the most stimulating from the point of view of sexuality. Sexual relations are usually at their peak during this stage. You discover the pleasures of the other and thus take the first steps in exploring your own intimate sphere alike. “Everything is new, everything is pink” Adds the world of sex. This stage of idealization is simply synonymous with ” honeymoon “. Because we are convinced in every respect that the other is perfect. It conforms in every way to our standards to make us happy. Have fun as much as you can, because unfortunately this phase doesn’t last forever!


Disappointment usually occurs a few months after the beginning of a relationship. Once you get through the honeymoon phase where everything is rosy, all is well. You will face the harsh reality, as we realize that our partner is not as perfect as we once thought. You discover things you don’t like about your partner. Some habits that bother you even behaviors that bother you! This stage is simply the moment you leave a small cloud to hit solid ground. But do not panic, this step to take in normal life is part of the life cycle. In fact according to the world of sex, “This step is necessary to find out who we really are. But it can be a very bad experience in a relationship. Especially if one of the partners is still in the process of merging.” We tell you right away, this step will be far from without its pitfalls. In reality, you will encounter misunderstandings, arguments and even a difficult separation. But it is still necessary. However, this stage of disappointment is not necessarily synonymous with negativity. In fact, it can be an opportunity for both partners to communicate better in their relationship. This is also a good time to evaluate your accounts to ascertain whether or not you want to continue this romantic relationship. Dare to express your desires, needs, and even doubts. This is the key to getting through this ordeal.


Commitment is the stage where you mourn the perfect couple to make room for an equally rewarding reality. This is real proof of emotional maturity and true true love. Thanks to this, the partners get along and understand that the other is different. The secret of the longevity of spouses is the fact that the partner does not change, but accepts his faults (to a certain extent we give you!). Each side will work on itself in order to dissolve the foundations of the spouses and make the other happy. Giving time to external aspects such as your social, professional and family circle. The couple is no longer the center of your life as it was during the honeymoon period. Love transforms, it is no longer naive and dizzy as in your beginnings, it is getting stronger and stronger. This is confirmed by the sexologist Véronique Larrivière: “We take advantage of this state of well-being in love to enjoy a certain independence that is totally beneficial to the relationship.”. But be careful with every breath! This step is certainly fun, but it can also have risks. In fact, it is necessary not to fall into a routine and to continue to remain lazy with little attention. Like short weekends, trips, romantic dinners, picnics for two…


This last step usually occurs after several years of the relationship. It is considered the holy grail when it comes to romantic relationships. Since only the two partners who have gone through its previous stages can claim it. In fact, the interdependence of the spouses is a compromise whereby both partners fulfill each other’s needs in a balanced and healthy way. But beware, you can’t come up with this sustainability phrase in a jiffy. It is the result of several years of working within the couple on each other’s needs and attacks. Bonded lovers are often examples of those around them going for a snatch on such an oily couple. The secret to a married couple’s longevity is communication and, of course, mutual effort.


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