Her boyfriend admitted to stabbing her

The Public Prosecutor of Macon, Eric Galette, held a press conference at the end of the afternoon after the body of a 14-year-old girl was discovered, Thursday morning, in Clysé, in Saint-Loire. The girl’s friend, 14, who has been detained since 9 am, confessed. Here’s what we know about this tragedy.

How was the body discovered?

A resident of the city of Kilici left her home on Thursday morning and discovered a bloody body behind the municipal building in the village of Kilis in the adjacent city stadium. Notified immediately, the firefighters could only notice the little girl’s death. The technicians of forensic identification and medical examination noticed, upon their arrival, the presence of traces of blood around the girl. Her jewelry and jacket were found on the way to her body.

The teenager suffered “Dozens of stab marks on the upper torso, shoulders, face and neck, and a knife stuck in the throat.” Details of the attorney general during the press conference. The victim, who broke his nose, also bears numerous signs of defense on his arms and forearms, made of knives.

Who is the victim?

The 14-year-old was educated in the fourth semester at Victor Hugo College in Luzhny. Her parents saw her the night before, before going to bed, and thought she was still in bed. Only in the morning she left school, and they did not find her at home. According to their testimony, on Wednesday evening she seemed happy and they had nothing “Score points at this point” The plaintiff said.

Who is the suspect?

It was the testimonies of the girl’s friends that quickly directed the investigators to her boyfriend. After breaking off their romance, they met again, in the evening, between midnight and four in the morning, since the beginning of the week. In the past, this boy would utter unpleasant words, conjuring up the idea of ​​killing someone, in particular his girlfriend. Young people took these statements for the sake of black humor, while saying that they were worried.

The 14-year-old was arrested at the college Thursday morning. He was placed in police custody for “assassination”, that is, premeditated murder. He sustained injuries to his hands, as a result of cuts and scrapes, according to the forensic doctor.

What did he confess?

While in police custody, he immediately confessed to intentionally killing his girlfriend. He explained that, as usual, for a few days he agreed to a date with the girl. Then he took a knife hidden in his sleeve, and after speaking to her he stabbed her three times in the neck. Then she tried to escape, but he caught up with her and hit her again. He then returned home leaving the knife behind, and was found at school Thursday morning.

What are the results of the investigation?

Comparative DNA analyzes are underway, with the suspect in particular subject to subungual samples. A psychological evaluation should also be performed. The girl’s diary will be checked for “Determining the nature of the relationship between the victim and the detained person. The prosecutor continued. The teenager has no criminal record, the only thing we know is that he was himself “Victim of violence from his father, in January”. The plaintiff says. A survey must be conducted to deepen this axis.

What is the punishment?

The Public Prosecution Office retained the attributes of murder, which is punishable by life imprisonment for adults, but for minors, the maximum penalty is twenty years of criminal imprisonment. A judicial investigation will be opened. The incubation of the young can last up to 48 hours.

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