François Hollande’s children preferred to see him “alone” without Julie Gayet

Sometimes it is difficult for children to accept the new life of their parents after their separation. For François Hollande, these children would have preferred to see him “alone”.

The former President of the Republic had been in a relationship with Julie Gate for several years. However, her four children have always wanted to stay away from the actress. Moreover, they never went to their home in Toul.

The love story between Julie Gayet and Franas Hollande caused a scandal

Today, François Hollande and Julie Gayet are spinning the perfect love together. However, years ago, this beautiful romance caused a scandal in the French and international press.

François Hollande and Julie Gayet. | Photo: Getty Images

And for good reason? In 2014, stolen photos of them were revealed in Closer magazine, while the former president was still in a relationship with Valérie Trierweiler.

At that time, François Hollande denied the facts, until he decided to officially announce his separation from the former Paris Match journalist, 15 days after the photos were published.

‘It’s too violent’: Julie Gayet has lived in the shadows for years

In a relationship with Thomas Holland’s father, Julie Gayet has long been criticized in social media. A difficult period that the actress remarkably tells during an interview with the site on April 28, 2022.

“I have long been the target of paparazzi, who try to destroy and discredit my private life, and of politicians who use me to discredit my companion,”

She explained, while noting that this period was “extremely violent” for her.

“I have always done everything to protect my children and my husband,”

She added.

However, before the paparazzi kicked her out, the mother of the family had been living in the shadows for many years, until December 2017, for the Johnny Hallyday tribute, when she and her husband decided to formalize their relationship. .

When François Hollande and Julie Gayet bought a house – his children did not visit it in Tulle

When Julie Gates entered into a relationship with François Hollande, she became the stepmother to four children, including Thomas, Elise, Julian and Flora, who were born from the former head of state’s relationship with his ex-partner Ségolène Royal.

They were already adults when the couple caused a scandal, which undoubtedly would have affected their relationship with the actress. Just like their mother, because according to Au Feminine, the former first lady was not to accept the relationship between François Hollande and the actress of the movie What Is This Family.

This explains why his four children did not go to their father’s house in Toul. The house that the politician bought in 2018 and which Julie Gatete considers her “little corner of heaven”.

“It’s not working the way you want it to.”

Without a doubt, it was difficult for Julie Gayet to cooperate with the children of François Hollande.

Especially since after the scandal in 2014, they did everything to stay at a distance from the actress, often preferring to see their father “alone” without his companion, as he entrusted him to Paris Match.

Kevin, a nephew of François Hollande, had a say in the situation when he gave an interview to Closer. And so he captured:

“He does not work as you would like (…) With such responsibility, my uncle can no longer live his love life in a happy way. Unfortunately, for the next person, whom everyone knows, it is difficult.”

Despite this, the relations between the Sorens homeland and her stepchildren were always cordial. Anyway, that’s what we can see in the photos Thomas Holland posted in 2020, in which we can see that he and his mother-in-law are getting along really well.

Julie Gaett did not attend her eldest son Thomas’ wedding

Thomas Holland is the eldest son of François Hollande and Ségolène Royal. The father of two children, the lawyer is in a relationship with Emily Brusolo, whom he married in September 2018. A lovely party attended by his relatives and parents, except for his mother-in-law Julie Gayet.

Thomas Holland and his wife, Emily Brusolo. | Photo: Getty Images

However, the absence of the latter was justified.

“This morning was the screening of Dinara Drukarova’s first movie. A director was born.. Proud to see her born”,

She revealed on her Instagram account.

However, according to Paris Match, the “My Best Friend” actress preferred to leave the newlyweds with the family, out of “tenderness”. Which is more likely to be Thomas’s mother.

Julie Gayet and Frances Hollande Marriage – Their Secret Ceremony

After eight years of relationship, François Hollande and Julie Gayet finally said “yes for life”, on Saturday 4 June 2022, at Tulles Town Hall in Correez, during a secret ceremony.

For the French actress, this in particular is her second marriage, since in the past she was already married to Santiago Amegorina, the father of her two children, Tadeo and Ezeschel, while for the former president, this is his first.

Julie J and François Hollande attend the 27th Concert for the Hope Benefiting from the League Against Cancer at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées on October 22, 2019 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

Celebrities also responded to the occasion, among them singer and actor Benjamin Beaulay or politician Bernard Combs, who himself declared civil marriage.

Media La Montagne was also on the scene, and took the opportunity to publish a photo of the new bride who caused quite a stir in a gorgeous white dress.

Were the children of François Hollande invited?

Since the marriage of the two lovebirds took place in “intimacy”, not much information was revealed to the media, including the exact number of guests or the identity of witnesses.

But we do know that the politician’s son, Thomas Holland, was present that day, and that he was accompanied by his wife, Emily Brusolo, who did not fail to share a photo of her, dressed in an embellished costume, on Instagram. .

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