Faustin Pollaert: Hostess by Blood…, Her Sexy Inspiration

Faustin Poulet is one of the most appreciated animators in the French audiovisual garden. Which is quite understandable given the way he behaves in front of his guests in It Starts Today. In fact, the beautiful brunette is known for her sense of listening and this is one of the things that viewers like the most.

Bad luck in TER

Faustin Polert has thousands of subscribers on social networks. The fans you interact with via social networks. Like most celebrities, the TV presenter also has an Instagram account. On her profile, she shares almost everything. This Tuesday, June 7, for example, a beautiful brunette told her TER adventure.

Bad time. “Everything is going well,” she says at the beginning.

She went on to say that she ran to get TER, without getting her ticket for lack of time. Faustin Bollaert, who was wearing heels, fell “full length onto the sidewalk” and bled from her hand.

In spite of everything, she gathered herself and got on the train where, according to her, she came to her senses. Although Faustine was still trying to put her mind together, the console turned to her to check if she had her ticket.

But since she was not there, the facilitator wanted to explain to the observer what had happened to her, but the latter seemed insensitive to Faustin Pollaert’s adventure. Because despite the story and the status of the host, the guy asked him for 50 euros.

“Nice sympathy. Thank you SNCF,” she concluded.

That strange message she received

A few months before this adventure, a rather strange message was posted by Faustin Pollaert on her Instagram account. A message received by the beautiful woman from one of her subscribers. In it, the sender shares with the presenter “It Begins Today” his desire to see the feet of this one. Something that makes Faustin Bollaert uncomfortable.

The latter, not understanding the intention of this mysterious joint, said that it would be necessary to explain to him why she had received messages concerning her feet. A totally normal reaction, don’t you think?

guest disappearance

Presenting her program on France 2, Faustin Bollaert got to know many people, especially her various guests. If you’re one of those people who never misses a streak of “It Starts Today”, then you know Roger without a doubt.

The latter appeared on the program to talk about his romance with Lillian and quickly won the hearts of the audience with his trust. As Faustin Bollaert revealed, Roger passed away for good recently, leaving his partner behind. Shocked by this sad news, the France 2 presenter wanted to pay tribute to her guest.

In her letter, Faustin made a point to express her affection for the late man. Nor did she forget to mention Lillian and the rest of her family by supporting them through this difficult ordeal they had to face.

For his part, Roger’s grandson publicly reacted to the sudden disappearance of his grandfather. In his homage, Gary Mihailno turned to his late grandfather saying that he neither grieved nor regretted his death.

Following up, he wanted to thank his grandfather for their “story” and also for making him a satisfied grandson. Gary Mihailno also expressed his gratitude to Roger for all the moments they spent together and for agreeing to film their “intimate relationship”.

Then the grandson of the deceased entrusted his grandmother, expressing all his love for her. He also promised his grandmother that she would never be alone despite the fact that Roger was no longer there. Gary knows that his grandmother will overcome the disappearance of her lover, because, according to him, she has always kept a head of fog in every experience of her life.

“It’s hard to imagine Roger and Lillian without Roger, but your love story is eternal,” he concluded.

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