Angel and Marcel are the children of another Miller from Arzano – Kimberly

The walks of Angèle Le Bail and her brother Marcel Penvern at Moulin du Roc’h, in Arzano, are always rich in memories. Marcel points to the building on the left on the site of the Moulins de Roche: “This is where we were born. 86 years ago and my sister 81 years ago. Our father was born there too. He himself was Miller’s son. We were six brothers and sisters. We are just now. They were born while the factory was still running.” One of our brothers was going to get wheat with a horse-drawn wagon. My father took care of the mill and then we sent the flour in the opposite direction,” says the brother. “There were customers even punt scruff,” says the brother. His sister adds.

“The mill was a popular place for fishermen”

They depict a simple and rustic life among animals. We had pigs, cows, chickens and ducks. Geese, we pick them twice a year to fill the quilt,” Angel laughs. Hunting was their favorite activity. “We were born into it. Wherever we went, we would take out sticks. The factory was a popular place for fishermen as well. Some came on foot from Pont Scruff and fished all the way,” explains Marcel. The latter two brothers also liked to go needle-fishing at the dam that no longer exists today.

Angel loves to go back to her childhood places. (Telegram/Paulin Le Dioris)

Surely there were things to do here

They had electricity thanks to the mill. “It was my sister’s duty to go and open the valve when she was leaving for milking, so that everyone would have a light when they got up,” Angell recalls.

At the top, they mark the place in the cycle where the laundry was washed. “It was there that we also put cream, in the summer, to keep it cold, because we did not have a refrigerator. It was enough to churn in the morning to eat butter,” explains Miller’s daughter. All the children were interfering. “We were tending the cows when they were in the woods,” says chef Marcel. “Sure, there are things to do here,” her sister smiled.

Refugees during World War II

Even if they were young during the war, they remember the refugees who arrived in droves to the area. Some have even been accommodated at the Moulin du Roc’h. “The Americans landed in ATVs in the prairie. Someone gave me chocolate. It was the first time I had tasted it,” Arzanoise reports. For his part, Marcel has in mind the discovery of chewing gum. “They came to shower and wash themselves downstream. They left the bars of soap. We dived in to pick them up after they left. We didn’t have that at the time,” smiles the man who now lives in Locunolé.

When the activity ceased, their grandmother and great-uncle were living in the old mill.  Angel remembers the pancakes her grandmother used to cook in the fireplace.
When the activity ceased, their grandmother and great-uncle were living in the old mill. Angel remembers the pancakes her grandmother used to cook in the fireplace. (Telegram/Paulin Le Dioris)

Marcel left the factory at the age of fifteen. He became an associate butcher at Bannalec, in Quimperlé, and then Tréméven. He did not become a mill like his father, because the activity diminished after the war. The youngest is assigned to a bakery at the age of 14 at the end of school. I stayed there eight years. After that, I married a bishop, and we had our lives in Arzano,” she sums up. Mary and Joseph would come to live with her at the end of their lives in the late 1970s, and today, the family home and the building that served as a stable and pigsty has been restored. The factory building has collapsed and has no wheel anymore. Both He follows with interest the renovation work begun by the Moulin de Roche.Angel association, which lives nearby, takes advantage of its regular rounds to greet volunteers.

Feudalists on June 11 and 12

To fund the work, a second edition of the Féodales du Roc’h, a medieval, splendid and peasant festival, is scheduled for June 11-12. The program is rich and, as last time, many people expect. “There will be a camp for craftsmen, performances, stories, music, sword fights. There will be a charlatan and a falconer. On Saturday evening we organize a big banquet with roast pork. 80 volunteers will be mobilized ”, enthusiastically explains Yan Liguo, president of the association.

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