The 24-year-old mom gave birth to 21 children in one year and they are all her biological children

Christina was still young when she gave birth to her first child. While on vacation, she meets a millionaire named Galip. It was love at first sight, between young Christina and the then 56-year-old businessman. To her, he was her Prince Charming!

Ordinary “extra” lens

Now married, the desire of the couple living in Georgia was to have children. Not just ‘kids’ but ‘lots of kids’. It was she who had already given birth to a daughter named Vika, who gave birth to her at the age of 17. Her husband, Ghalib, already had a little boy.

To satisfy their desire to have many children, they adopted a method that is illegal in some countries. Fortunately for them, having children through a surrogate is legal in Georgia. They have hired women who will pay them a rather tempting sum to have their children.

In just ten months, ten children were born in the Ozturk family. Eleven children have been counted so far. The mother explains the situation. It begins with emphasizing that she is the one who gave birth to her eldest daughter.

“The other children are our children genetically, my husband and I, but they were carried by surrogate mothers,” the then-23-year-old continues.

Ozturk family: the largest family in the world?

With these 10 children just born, the couple wanted more. yes! After a few years of marriage, Kristina and Galip Ozturk plan to have more than a hundred children and thus become the largest family ever. Well, it was just a post I made on Instagram.

Then she said that even if that was what they wanted, it wasn’t as if they were going to do it. If a few years ago Christina was the mother of only a little girl, today she is the mother of 21 children. After the ten children, the couple again invited the surrogate mothers of ten more children.

How did they manage to take care of so many children?

Daily life of the Ozturk family

Recently, the 24-year-old mother shared the names of her 21 children: Mustafa, Maryam, Eyrin, Alyssa, Hassan, Judy, Harper, Theresa, Hussein, Anna, Isabella, Ismail, Muhammad, Ahmed, Ali, Christina, Sarah. and Lokman, and Galip, and Olivia, as well as Vika.

The mother explained her daily life with all these children. You spend as much time with them as all other moms. The only difference is the number of children. She should make a program of organizing her days with 21 children. She says there is no boring day! She usually shares her daily life on Instagram.

The children are taken care of by 16 nannies. Nannies work full time four days a week. Each of them has at their disposal a room equipped with a kitchen located near the children’s room. The kitchen allows them to cook a meal to their liking. They charge about $644 per week.

Christina shared how in a week they could spend up to $5,000 or $6,000. These expenses include nannies’ salaries, baby diapers of at least 20 large packages, and formula milk containing 53 packages.

“Sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s more,” said the mother.

Christina, are you planning to have more children?

Subscribers who were curious about his condition asked him some questions. Someone asked her if she was really able to spend time bonding with each of these kids.

“Yes, we have a special relationship with each child. I wish every parent could spend all their time with their children, because it is the most important thing in life,” Christina replied.

Taking care of a baby during pregnancy is hard enough, so how do you deal with 21? Mom understood that. She didn’t erase the thought of her wanting to have more children on her own. However, she does not want it right away.

“Right now, I have to be close to my kids,” she said.

The latter even admitted that the couple do not plan to have other children via a surrogate mother in the near future. His main concern at the moment is to give lots of love to all his children!

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