CS: GO: drug abuse video, a professional Russian player in the sauce

Photo: HLTV

Life seems too dark now for Kirill.”Bumble 4“Mikhailov. Ex-IGL (game captain) for the Ukrainian team Navi was marginalized by his team, whose presence was considered to have damaged the image and reputation of the Hulk. The reason, his extended relations with Russia and his ex-girlfriend / alleged wife support for Russia (the story is difficult to follow) for the war in Ukraine.

But this reputation story takes on a new, darker dimension. The player’s famous ex-partner is still in the equation. Player accused on Networks Being addicted to drugs. Coincidentally, at the same time videos of the player came out. Among them, we see a man whom some know as Bumble 4Drug use by inhalation of white powder. Obviously, we’re walking on eggshells with this case. We will have to wait to see more clearly, but the player’s career is in great danger.

The only certainty: they are divorced

Shocking video and explanations

Several videos have circulated and they all have one thing in common: they are very compromising for Boombl4. But the severity of the latter is very different. At first, we see Angelica”LiQueenMikhailova, the player’s ex-wife, Sit on the Russian face To wake him up undressed. There is nothing particularly shocking, even if your ego finds itself exposed in this situation that can be complicated. But the video that really caused a scandal is the one that the account shared locrezoin. We see a man clearly snoring medicines (white powder). The person in question is inclined and we cannot accurately identify him. But according to Twitter investigators, it’s true Bumble 4Filmed by his ex-wife, which could be the source of all these leaks. It will be the medicine in question mephedronethe drug mentioned in LiQueen’s letter condemning her ex-husband.

For now, the player remained vigilant. He just confirmed that he divorced his ex-partner and was a victim blackmail Based on fake news. It is not clear if the videos come directly from the ex-wife or from a third party. But in any case, the player will have to find good explanations to try to save his face and reputation. He has no intention of giving up on it and has stated that he will be sued for defamation soon. We imagine the player has been greatly affected by this story. At the moment, he is not alone and several characters have supported him (sjoxAnd the neL…).

From fairy tale to descent to hell

We can’t help but feel sad about Boombl4 and the CS: GO scene. Just a few months ago, the Russian was a hero who was well received by everyone. . winner Pioneering in Stockholm (PGL 2021) He stirred up feelings, asking his wife to marry him after the Grand Final. The future seemed bright to him, especially since Nephi crushed everything in his path. But after just over 6 months, he suffered a series of heavy blows … The war in Ukraine passed there and the player was pushed aside. His romance was tumultuous and he is now divorced. These bargaining videos, already having a hard time, come to move the knife through the wound. Rarely have we seen such a rapid and dizzying descent to hell.

Everything can go very fast in esports, but the career of a player 23 yearsIf it hasn’t already been completed, it is at the moment suspended. Part of the community continues to defend the player, but another is overwhelmed … No wonder, it’s 2022 on social networks. We now have to wait for this issue to settle to see more clearly. Whether the player was a culprit, a victim, or a bit of both, we liked it when Boombl4 made headlines thanks to performance in the field.


ESL has formalized the list of teams invited to IEM Cologne 2022. As expected, we’ll find it pretty heavy and we can’t wait to see the competitors in action. The team vitality would obviously be there, even if the status of the second tier team hurt his ego a bit.

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