5 Reasons Simon and Daphne Are Soulmates (And 5 Reasons They’re Toxic)

Not enough people everywhere Bridgeton Series on Netflix. The super drama of the Regency era may be great, but it’s also a lot of fun. The entrances and exits of London’s high society fascinate fans, and the outfits and costumes are stunning. More so, it was the love story between Daphne and Simon that brought fans to their screens.

While the first season focused on the love story between Daphne Bridgeton and Simon Bassett, fans have many opinions about their union. There has been a lot of talk about the toxic elements of their relationship, but there are also reasons why these two go together and why they work so well. From unforgettable quotes to moments of passion, Daphne and Simon’s love story is one of love through the ages.

Updated on March 12, 2022 by Lynne Gibbs: The love story of Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Bassett was one of the most interesting events of Bridgeton’s first season. Although the two were friends at first, the passion between them became too much. They gave in to their desires and became an official couple, although Simon’s commitment issues were at the forefront of their union. While fans adored their relationship on the show, their bond wasn’t perfect. Both had toxic traits that negatively affected their relationship, despite all the love they had for each other.

Daphne and Simon were toxic because of

There was a power struggle between them

Any romantic relationship that arises in this world will be somewhat strained due to the dynamics and gender disparity. While the series was right to update the story with a semi-blind narrative, it still has the same sexual elements that apply to some extent to the story.

However, there will always be the fact that Simon has a lot more power and voice than Daphne. The toxicity of this dynamic was simply due to the time period in which they were and to Simon’s rank and title.

Simon lied to her about why he didn’t want children

One of the biggest problems in their relationship is that it is built on lies and secrets at first. Neither of them is very open with the other about what they really want because their arrangement is wrong in the beginning. Once they become a real couple they fainted BridgetonThe thought of intimidating the other way with their true thoughts was too much.

Then, when Simon told Daphne he couldn’t have children, he didn’t tell her the truth. He gives the impression that he can’t have it physically and doesn’t talk about the wish he made for his father.

Simon wasn’t as open with her about sex as he should have been

Another troubling issue between these two people has a lot to do with their society as a whole but also with them as a couple. Since they are not initially tried, Simon leaks information about sex that is usually considered inappropriate for a man to tell a woman.

However, due to his background, he became a frustrating figure for fans when he didn’t talk to her about sex again after their marriage and before they did the deed. By the end of the series, Daphne just realized how babies were actually made – something Simon, and even his mother, had hidden from her.

Their relationship was all based on misunderstanding

Bridgeton He falls into one of the traps in which many romance stories find themselves. This is the metaphor that misunderstanding spoils the relationship. The truth is, if Daphne and Simon had had some honest discussions about their feelings for each other, much of the drama could have been avoided. However, what came out of those moments were some of the best quotes about their love.

While it might be fun to watch this drama unfold, a relationship where the character can’t open up about their feelings isn’t exactly healthy.

Daphne assaulted Simon

The worst and most toxic thing that happens in this relationship is when Daphne forces Simon to try to get her pregnant without her consent. Even if they are married and in love, this is assault. The only reason it’s not worse is because Daphne has so little understanding about sex and consent in the first place, which makes her a bit messy.

However, this scene was still unsettling because even though Simon told her to stay away from him, she didn’t. It would be much better if she at least admitted that she was wrong, but instead waited to see if she was pregnant and took her away from him. Simone’s desire to be childless was one of the saddest aspects of Simon’s character. His childhood was haunted by him and ignored by Daphne.

Daphne and Simon were clan spirits because

They were physically attracted to each other

Although there are times when Bridgeton It looked like other vintage pieces like Pride and prejudiceHe had a more modern approach to sexuality.

Episode 6 shocked and stunned audiences because it was so candid and had a lot of really hot scenes. If there’s one thing Daphne and Simone go for, it’s that they are physically intertwined.

They were equally educated

For women like Daphne and many of the other women on the show, life can be very frustrating. Although these women were intelligent and capable, they were not seen as equal to men in one way or another.

However, Simon considered Daphne to be smart and on his level when it came to conversation. Despite the amazing clothes and mannerisms, Daphne Simon proved that she is more than just a pretty face. They were able to verbally argue and joke with each other in a way that would please them.

They were willing to sacrifice a lot to be together

The circumstances in which Simon and Daphne agreed to marry are rather unfortunate. As Anthony catches them kissing in the garden, this secret may spread through the community and destroy the family name. They must then marry to protect Daphne’s honor.

In doing this, they both give up on the things they wanted to do at first, but in the end, they are both ready to do it because they really love each other.

They have finally learned to open up to each other

While Daphne and Simon initially struggled to tell each other the truth, even after they were married, they eventually found out. When they experienced longing for their new relationship, Daphne and Simon fought more as they began to open up to each other.

Hopefully in Season 2, fans will see these two have a more fulfilling and emotionally honest relationship, even if Season 2 doesn’t focus on their story.

They have made the most out of society and the situation in which they live

There are a lot of toxic elements in this couple, but most of the problems between them seem to stem from living in such an oppressive and controlling society, so he’s sexist and morally biased about sex and relationships.

They weren’t perfect and some of the mistakes were huge. However, they did their best. They were two of the best characters on the show and fans will miss seeing their relationship play out in season two.

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