What is the outdoor game for children’s entertainment?

Some tips for choosing garden toys

Choosing garden toys can be complicated, especially for new parents. Especially since manufacturers offer many activities. Some allow children to relax, others allow exercise. In both cases, it is important to choose a playground according to the following criteria:

Each outdoor game targets a specific age group (under 3 years old, 3-10 years old, etc.). In fact, the chosen structure must be adapted to the capabilities and tastes of the child. If several young children of different ages are going to play together, it is better to choose a playground equipped with several pieces of equipment.

Watch your child when he’s playing in the park or at his friends’ house. Is he used to having fun alone or in a group? Does he like creative games or more sports? You will know what outdoor activities to offer him: a hut, a trampoline, a climbing wall or a slide.

Whether on the balcony or in the garden, the place chosen for the installation of the playground should be large enough to accommodate it. No need to invest in a large inflatable pool that does not fit into a small outdoor shape! It is also necessary that the planned location be clear for reasons of convenience and security. In particular, provide a clearance of between 1.50m and 2m around the field.

Sandboxes, huts and plastic slides are very popular among young children. its advantages? Fun colors and shapes and easy cleanup. For their part, outdoor wooden toys have the advantage of being easily integrated into the garden as well as being sturdy.

As for the material that should be preferred for bridges, the mineral is synonymous with hardness. Plus, no maintenance needed! On the other hand, wooden gates are considered more aesthetic. However, regular treatment is necessary to extend their life.

Weight indicators are not to be taken lightly. So that your child can safely let off steam, check before purchasing the maximum load that the structure supports, whether it is a trampoline, slide or climbing frame.

Good to know: Whether you choose a sports or creative outdoor game, remember to install it on a flat surface. Sand, grass, and shock-absorbing mats are all solutions to avoiding sores in the event of a fall.

Our pick: Colorful playground with 2 pools in 1 + slide

In summer, the days get longer, and the sun shines. To give your child the opportunity to relax and have fun in the garden, bet it Intex Candy Kingdom Water Playground. We won this model out, because it combines two pools with:

  • rowing basin with a capacity of 168 liters;
  • Large swimming pool 206 liters.

A chance to play together in the garden! Your child and his friends will surely love sliding on the slide in the middle and moving from one pool to another. This multifunctional garden toy also includes a fountain that is perfect to calm down and make bathing hours more enjoyable. To take advantage of it, simply connect it to a garden hose.

In addition, the Intex inflatable playground comes with 6 colorful balls that slide along two slopes on the edges of the large pool. The set also includes 2 inflatable lollipops for a water fight.

Finally, this 295 x 191 x 130 cm outdoor toy is suitable for children ages 3 and up. Depending on the mood and the season, his ponds can be filled with balls or water.

Water circuit suitable for children 3 years old and above

Is your little adventurer between 3 and 7 years old? We advise you to give him this Simba brand water circuit. This outdoor game is fun and educational. It includes:

  • big mountain
  • dam lake
  • 2 boats
  • 2 animal figures.

With his friends the bear and the frog, your child goes on an adventure through deep lakes, encounters wild waterfalls and searches for hidden treasures. He discovers how to generate a stream of water and direct boats in the right direction.

The trampoline can be used indoors and outdoors

Looking for the perfect toy to exercise while working on coordination and balance? Give your child this trampoline with a diameter of 140 cm from Klarfit. We chose it because it is one of the safest models. In addition to the tear-resistant jumping mat:

  • Padded dividers
  • high safety net
  • 6 legs prevent the trampoline from tipping over;
  • Protective skirt prevents small children or pets from crawling under it.

This trampoline is for children from 3 to 6 years old. The recommended maximum weight is 50 kg.

Playground with ladder, net and rings

Are your children full of energy? To keep them occupied and prevent them from getting bored on the weekend or during the holidays, we advise you to invest in this A stadium made by Rinagym. It offers children from 1 to 5 years of age different activities, namely:

  • climbing net
  • ladder climb.
  • gymnastics rings
  • beautiful slice
  • Swinging monkey.

Lots of devices to develop agility, motor skills and coordination! This outdoor game also helps strengthen muscles and balance. Thus, your children can tire themselves out and exercise without even noticing.

Note that the birch wood structure is strong enough to support up to 60 kg of payload.

Wooden hut with 1 slide, 1 ladder and 2 swings

Are you looking for an outdoor toy that allows multiple kids to play at once? The editorial staff suggests this Discover the backyard wooden playground. It targets children from 3 to 10 years old and combines different activities, namely:

  • climb ladder to direct their energy;
  • a slide with a length of 183 cm;
  • 2 swings
  • sandbox
  • Hut to play in the shade.

Backyard Discovery Playground is made of cedar wood that has been pre-treated to resist rot and weather. Its sturdy structure supports a load of up to 150 kg.

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