What are you doing with the kids this week? 6 to 12

This week we recommend the Orsay and Orangerie Museum, with two days of workshops, meetings and shows for families. Also go back in time to the Jurassic period, and find yourself face to face with a life-size T-Rex! Celebrate nature with the Ocean Festival, or go to the movies: like every week, there’s plenty to do in Paris!

a blow to the heart

Family Weekend at the Musée d’Orsay and the Orangerie

Each year the Orsay Museum and the Musée de l’Orangerie dedicate two days for kids. It consists of a program Offers (music, dance, theater), staggered visits (dance, drawing), Interviews with artistsAnd the’Workshops, these festive and determinedly creative days are a unique opportunity to discover or rediscover the Orsay and Orangerie Museums as a family. The Exhibitions “Gaudi” At the Musée d’Orsay and Impressionist decoration at the headwaters of water lilies At the Musée de l’Orangerie it will be honored on the themes of architecture and decoration.

Focus on current exhibitions

life size dinosaurs

From Tyrannosaurus Rex to Triceratops, fifty animatronic dinosaurs are at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. These adorable animals, in their true size, move and growl in an area of ​​3000 square metres, to the delight of children. An exciting course that will turn you into a real adventurer!

Augmented reality exhibits for discovery

Nature in the spotlight

ocean party

For its sixth edition, the Ocean Festival returns on June 11-12 at the Palais de la Porte Dorée. In the program: scientific workshops, immersive and tasteful animation, creative activities, presentations and of course the Ocean Solutions Forum with various partners, research organizations, foundations or NGOs that will present their animations for young and old. There are two theater performances (all audiences) in the program at a price of €5.

Forêt Law, a forest conservation event

The role of forests for humanity is fundamental. The Climate Academy invites you to spend the weekend exploring solutions together to conserve the world’s forests. You will participate in a selection of participatory workshops for young and old. You will (re)discover the causes of deforestation and solutions to reduce your individual impact on forests. Through fun, creative, collaborative and craft workshops, mobilize to conserve forests on a daily basis.

Introduction to beekeeping

The Institute of Islamic Cultures and the Dardard Children’s Association provide an introduction to beekeeping in the urban environment and the fascinating world of bees. From the age of six, recreational and educational sessions are designed from ICI hives: discovering the hive and the life of bees, learning the vocabulary and the profession of beekeepers.

Tires and bees, honey harvest

Musical nap in the nourishing forest

Let yourself be charmed by the microclimate and biodiversity of the nourishing forest and relax to the sounds chosen by the librarians of the Médiathèques Musicale de Paris: they invite themselves back to the Ferme de Paris and offer relaxing musical listening in the food forest.

movie theater

Sandwich Club

At The Sandwich Club with Suzanne de Lacote, we meet every three months to discuss a cult film, analyze some excerpts and generally talk about…cinema! This week, we’re interested in the “Back to the Future” cult. Come very much!

Summer classics at the Cinémathèque

To celebrate summer, in June discover a selection of great classics at the Cinémathèque française. Comics, westerns, thrillers and animations, there will be something for everyone! We give you a date with two masterpieces: mechanic general by Buster Keaton and The wonderful journey by John Ford.

Music and stories

Pierre and the wolf

A timeless tale in dance version. Once upon a time… the child, the cat, the sparrow, the duck, the hunter, the grandfather, the wolf…! Born out of a desire to introduce children to orchestras, this symphonic tale became, for choreographer Emily Laland, an opportunity to make them familiar with the art of gestures.

Good hunting, bad ax

In a thin and fragile world, amid the pop-up homes and paper-cut decor that develops over the course of the story, actress Josette Lanlois addresses the issue of the pollution of the seas, particularly through the damage caused by concrete. and overcrowding. Thus the company, at the height of a child’s development, addresses a topic of society without drama but with intelligence and passion.

Small concerts in the schoolyards

From May 21 to July 9, there are eight music events open to all on the 12th, 13th and 20th. As part of the “City of a Quarter Hour”, mini-concerts are given to Parisians in the schoolyards that are open for the occasion. Musicians perform in small groups, with a festive repertoire of the inhabitants of the area, in a spirit of exchange and friendliness. This week headed to the Kindergarten located in Lachambode Center II, on the 12th.

Workshops and activities

Archaeologist’s mission

Join the family for this visit workshop to the archaeological crypt in Ile de la Cité to discover the remains of ancient Paris! Go on an exploration like a real archaeologist to discover the remains of the ancient city of Lutèce: you will understand how the remains of an ancient civilization are preserved.

Live Photos

Dazzling lasers, magic waves and the mirage of space: Capitaine futur offers an introduction to video mapping, which consists of projecting video images onto surfaces. And here, the surfaces are completely human: right on the kids! Thanks to VJ Bonnie, kids are discovering the millimeter projection technique, in the form of artwork or performances. Like video camouflage, they invent new looks to change themselves infinitely.

family origami

The Cenuschi Museum invites you to a family art session. Accompanied by a visual artist, accompanying adults and children together learn the art of Japanese folding and create an airy floral wreath.

Child making origami.

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