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Babysitter and gardener wanted in Caen (Calvados) and the surrounding area in June 2022. © Svitlana and WavebreakmediaMicro – Adobe Stock

in partnership with Pôle emploi, Côté Caen and Liberté Offered to you regularly Job offer Available in cayenne (Calvados) conglomerate. This week, focus on the sector personal services. to your CVs!

No. 134KZRR: Gardener

A gardener is required in Caen. your tasks? Garden cleaning and maintenance. And do-it-yourself (installation of tires, rails, touch-up paint). CDI (10 hours per week). Three months of horticultural experience.

No. 134KVCC: An educational and social companion

At Troarn, within the education team, you contribute to the support of adults by providing local assistance in the work of daily living as well as in social and recreational activities and by providing psychosocial support. Fixed term contract for 3 months (25 hours per week). Six months of experience. Baccalaureate or equivalent from the specialized education sector.

No. 134KZXK: The Housekeeper at Home

A home assistant is required in Moundville. your tasks? cleaning and maintenance; Ironing ; And do your shopping. CDI (24 hours a week). Acceptable newbie. statement b.

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No. 134KZVD: Child care at home

At-home childcare is needed in Caen. your tasks? Pick up the kids from school and keep them at home. CDI (from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. per week). Six months of experience. statement b.

No. 134KZZM: Life Helper

CDI (24 hours a week) in Caen. CAP, BEP and the auxiliary sector for equivalent social life.

In other areas…

Below are other vacancies in various fields:

No. 134HZXP: Industrial Painter

In Caen, EOL intérim is recruiting a painter and finisher application worker for a company specializing in the manufacture of wood joinery. your tasks? portion control before application; application analysis of spray paint; maintenance, control and respect of equipment; and checking and controlling the final products. CDI (35 hours per week). Acceptable newbie. statement b.

N° 129FWFD: House Painter (M/F)

A company in Benauville is hiring a house painter. your tasks? Installation of paints, coatings, glass cloth and wallpaper. CDI (35 hours per week). Two years of experience. statement b.

No. 134KNC: Pharmacist Assistant

Pharmacy preparer you are looking for in Caen. your tasks? Reception at the counter, issuance of prescriptions, advice, receiving orders, etc. Fixed term contract for 12 months (20 hours per week). Acceptable newbie. Baccalaureate degree or equivalent in pharmacy preparation.

No. 134HWMY: Electric Team Leader

Caen Corporation is looking for a team leader in the field of industrial electrical. your tasks? site processing; coordinate the activity of your teams; Technical and administrative control of business. and perform site reviews. CDI (35 hours per week, 1 year experience.

No. 134KTTV: Maintenance worker

A building maintenance and cleaning agent is required in Trarn. your task? Clean and maintain the premises by respecting the work schedule systematically. Fixed term contract for 3 months (25 hours per week). Six months of experience.

No. 134HRSW: HR Assistant in the Construction Industry

Adéquat Agency in Caen is looking for a Human Resources Assistant for a construction company. your tasks? recruitment management; Monitor and retain existing employees; and management of administrative records. CDI (35 hours per week). Acceptable newbie. Bac +2.

No. 134JRYT: Call Center Supervisor

Adéquat Agency in Caen is hiring a Call Center Supervisor in Colombes. your tasks? analysis of the results of its activity; ensuring compliance with operations; Manage turnover and absenteeism and implement action plans; production accident management; Lead, motivate and retain their team. CDI (35 hours per week). Six months of experience.

And also…

  • No. 134MVZP: Ready-to-wear sales representative in Moundville and Caen. CDI (24 hours a week). year of experience.
  • No. 134JSHJ: Educator of young children for the association La Ronde des Bambins in Caen. CDI (35 hours per week). year of experience.
  • No. 134LGKK: Driver – delivery person – courier in Hérouville. CDI (35 hours per week). Acceptable newbie. statement b.
  • No. 134JBNF: Professional Customer Service Consultant in Columbias. Fixed term contract for 6 months (35 hours per week).
  • No. 134LNBX: Truck driver in Moundville. CDI (35 hours per week). year of experience.
  • No. 134KXZC: Automotive Technical Supervisor in Heruvelle. CDI (35 hours per week). A baccalaureate degree or its equivalent in the mechanical sector, construction, repair or car service and maintenance.
  • No. 134JRZB: Truck driver in Caen. CDI (35 hours per week). Acceptable newbie.
  • No. 134KXZY: Automotive Technical Controller in Caen. CDI (35 hours per week). Entry levels are accepted for the baccalaureate or equivalent in the field of mechanical construction repair, maintenance or car maintenance.

Practical information:
• To apply, enter the reference for the job you are interested in on
• Pôle emploi agencies in the urban agglomeration: Caen Beaulieu (2 rue Nicolas-Oresme), Caen Fresnel (6 rue Raymond-Bail), Hérouville (8 place de l’Europe) and Mondeville (5 rue Paul-Louis-Halley).

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