‘Going on vacation is awful with children under five’: A mother’s testimonial divided

When we say “vacation” we imagine a perfect stay in the mountains, by the sea, in the countryside, or even a trip abroad. We necessarily think that everything will be fine, and that this time with the family will be idyllic. Only, for some parents, it is not so simple. They know they’ll have to think through everything, and find how to keep the kids busy even when it’s raining… and that’s exhausting! So much so that with the summer holidays approaching, some are afraid of this moment! This is the case of a British mother, who said on the Mumsnet forum that she does not enjoy her family’s vacation.

Family vacations are awful for this mom

“Going on vacation is horrible with kids under five. Why would I do that? Why would anyone else do it? It’s stressful, expensive and always goes wrong, kids argue, they get tired a lot and don’t enjoy the rides or planning rides or picnics; they are just as happy playing near a puddle of water in a bad parking lot or throwing stones one by one into the manhole”It’s clearly a great vacation with her family, explains this mom.

She goes on to explain that her kids never agree on what they want to do, so they end up ‘to make a compromise’ and do “Something no one wants.” “For some mysterious reason, it is thought it is a good idea to uproot children from an established routine and familiar environment where everything is under control to an unfamiliar place, where beds and rooms vary, so bedtime is a drama and you get a little sleepless sleep, the weather is traditionally bad (thanks UK Holidays) and spend about three days trying to figure out how everything works in the new place. Long car trips back and forth, if you’re, like me, crazy you’ve booked too far”He trusts this mother.

For her, being home and the usual routine is a real relief for her. “I don’t think I abuse the thought of it about vacationing with preschoolers, because all I could hear when I was out were angry/stressed parents and screaming. Nobody doesn’t like holidays with a 5-year-old, right?she asks.

Mothers divided over leave issue

This mother’s testimony surely allayed the guilt of many fathers who did not dare to say the same. In fact, other moms in the forum are responding with similar stories. “He’s about 9 years older than me and can’t even come with me for a walk the dog in the neighborhood without him bothering him, so the holidays are happy”Surfer jokingly. Another advise: “I see what you’re talking about. I feel like there’s no real vacation, a break from life with a toddler. However, the best we can do is take familiar things, like a toy box, their quilt, etc. to each person (if they are old) enough to make a good decision) has the right to choose one thing, one place, one activity.” According to a third person, things are going eventually “Mine 4 and 6 and I think we’ll get out of this tunnel. The last two holidays have gone well with a fair amount of good times.”

However, other moms say they have had a completely different experience on family vacations. “It’s definitely not my experience. It’s what I work for – I love our vacation with them. It was definitely the best time we had with them. Relaxed, fun and great weather, no work, naps whenever they want, stay up, sleep better, no arguments or stress. Honestly. I love every secondMum trusts. “I totally disagree. I’ve been taking big trips with my daughter since she was 5 months old (she’s now 4) and I love it”Another says. and used to add: “I understand that some people don’t like taking kids on vacation, but for the vast majority, this is not a horrible experience. We’ve always taken our kids since they were little kids. It was easy, especially when they were really young and I got tired at 7pm after swimming a lot” .

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