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MONTREAL – A wonderful day awaits 22 teams participating in the Hockey de Rue 2022, an annual fundraising drive organized by the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation and the Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA Community Center in the Cote-de-Niges.

Of the players, 72 came from schools located near outdoor rinks that the foundation built in disadvantaged neighborhoods on the island of Montreal.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of 50 volunteers, the day went like clockwork, and thanks to their tireless efforts, it was a very special day full of surprises.

Not just Cosmo and Yubi! They were on hand to take pictures and feed the imaginations of the many children participating in the tournament, but several former Canadians took part in the event, including Pierre Daganet, Matthew Dandano, Gilbert DeLorme, Norman Dupont, Rick Green, Stephen Richer and Richard Sevigny. , giving fans the opportunity to mingle with former NHL players.

And the fun didn’t stop there.

There was another surprise in the store, one that instantly lit up the faces of the kids who were enjoying the safe ambiance provided by the establishment.

” This is it Nick Suzuki ! This is it Jonathan Drouin! The excited children who immediately lined up to get autographs shouted.

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Suzuki, who resides in Montreal most of the summer, stressed the importance of participating in community events.

“I haven’t really had a chance to do that in the past few years,” Suzuki said. “So I appreciate every opportunity to meet people in the city.”

Suzuki would keep training his skills in Broussard, but was ready to put his skills to the test in the Street Hockey Championship.

It depends on how competitive they are,” Suzuki joked. “If it’s intense enough, I’ll take it a bit. The last time I played was at junior level, so we’ll see.”

But despite his confidence, Drouin was not convinced that Suzuki could score as he pleased on the opposing goalkeeper, who happened to be wearing a yellow uniform.

“I don’t know Nick,” he said. “Look like a Minnie-Florry. It would be hard.”

Tweet from @CanadiensMTL: Of course @nsuzuki_37 is also skilled when it comes to ball hockey. 😅 Of course Nick is also very good when it comes to hockey. #GoHabsGo | MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen

As they made their way through the crowd, players signed countless T-shirts and took hundreds of photos, but most importantly they took the time to chat with their loyal fans in the community.

“It is very important to connect with the community,” said Suzuki. “I would probably jump for joy if an NHL player showed up at a hockey game as a kid, so it’s really fun.”

According to all the kids on site, it was a really special day, and the smiles on their faces assure that everyone had fun.

Both Drouin and Suzuki received several commercial offers, including a few potential deals involving shirt candy or a disc, a common deal for Suzuki.

In fact, he collected so much candy throughout the year from trading with fans that he eventually had to donate it to Martin St. Louis’s son.

We’ll have to wait and see if the interim coach agrees with the idea.

One thing is for sure, however, that Suzuki and Darwin have found the best way to create unforgettable memories for countless children, without forgetting to support a great cause at the same time.

The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation It has made its mission to provide a better and healthier future for young people in need. By uniting members of the great Canadian family and collaborating with the community, the Foundation encourages physical activity and the adoption of healthy lifestyles among disadvantaged youth between the ages of 4 and 17.

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