Bordeaux startup V8TE has been awarded CNIL Compliance

V8TE offers completely transparent and secure online voting, and its unique technology has been certified with the highest degree of certification by CNIL.

Towards a new era of digital voting

Debates about digital voting heat up with every election. In the United States, this has already become a reality thanks to specialized machinery. However, this does not prevent some voters from running in the elections due to the lack of transparency. Our dedicated article about blockchain and online voting.

In France, even if it is possible for French abroad to vote online for legislative elections, there are many technical problems during each election and participation in these elections generally remains low.

So V8te has developed a technology that makes it possible to organize elections at low cost and 100% online thanks to the Ethereum blockchain. Its technology can be adapted to the needs of elections requested by a corporation, association or, for example, during a corporate referendum.

There are national and international competitors working in the same field. However, V8TE is the first company in France to achieve Level 3 security objectives, the highest level, for online voting systems.

We are the first to be recognized at the third level using the blockchain tool. This gives us additional arguments against competition, because agility and honesty of voting are guaranteed. The core of our solution, patented since 2020, is the combination of secure voting with a digital and transparent ballot box. Everyone can check that their ballot has been taken into account and has not been modifiedGuillaume Odriosolo, founder of V8te who was incubated by Unitec and then accompanied for a few months by the Village by CA Aquitaine, insists.

Source: V8te

Benefits of digital voting

The first advantage of this new type of voting is the significant economic gains. In fact, there is no longer any need to print tens of thousands, or even millions, of ballot papers, to close public and private centers as well as individuals to organize these elections. In addition, a lot of time is saved for voters and organizers. The participation rate will likely be higher, as many people will find this system faster and more efficient. However, it is possible that some of the older or less digitally minded audience will need financial assistance during the first digital votes. Digital voting through blockchain has already been considered in the Philippines.

Recently, digital voting has become more secure, and the potential for errors is more. In addition, everyone can access verification using blockchain technology.

For this, several basic steps are missing. First, organization. Current laws do not allow this type of voting to be introduced in France. However, testing and voting for private or public bodies on a smaller scale are good ways to test and get approved for digital voting.

Then there is a decentralized digital identity for every citizen, and this step will be more difficult, but many countries are working to implement this type of tool. The European Union is also working on a Pocket wallet A citizen where we can collect all of our personal data without sharing access.

Political elections are a market I know very well, but it’s too early because there is no legal framework for holding elections and accessing data. On the other hand, personally, I think it’s a very noble topic and it must be said that we are technically ready!

In ten or fifteen years, I am convinced that citizen consultations at the national and European levels will be possible, but that is not a priority today. The degree of maturity of electronic voting is much higher in associations and among private actors than in local authorities. Guillaume Odriusolo adds on this topic.

This adoption is a perfect example of how collaboration between public services and innovative companies in Web 3.0 will allow our economies and lifestyles to benefit from new technological advances in the blockchain.

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