Anonymous claims to have hacked Chinese educational website commemorating Tiananmen massacre, group demands Beijing do more to end war in Ukraine

Decentralized international group Anonymous claimed on Saturday, June 4, that it hacked into a Chinese government educational website commemorating the Tiananmen Square massacre. An alleged member of Anonymous reported that the group hacked into the Professional and Adult Education Network in Jiangsu Province, China, before replacing the site with a page that included a video linked to the incident. Pictures of Tiananmen, “Tank Man” pictures as well as words and pictures praising Tiananmen. The traffic page also contains a direct anonymous complaint.

Saturday, June 4, 2022 marked the 33rd anniversary of the bloody crackdown in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, People’s Republic of China. As a reminder, in 1989, Tiananmen Square in Beijing was the scene of large-scale demonstrations. While protesters had been blocking access to the symbolic place for weeks, on June 4, the Chinese authorities decided to put an end to the protests by sending in the army and tanks. However, the repression turned into a massacre and hundreds, if not more than a thousand, protesters were said to have died. June 4 has since become a memorial day in China.

Marking this year’s commemoration, Anonymous invited itself to the party and on Saturday claimed to have taken control of an educational platform operated by the authorities of Jiangsu Province, China, to smuggle a number of messages to China and the government of the People’s Republic of China. Beijing. Speaking on behalf of Anonymous, an individual with the alias “Allez-opi_omi” said that after the site was hacked, the group had instead uploaded an HTML page that included the words “Taiwan Numbah Wan” and the Tawan national flag and emblem, a video of the Tiananmen Square massacre and pictures of a “man”. tank”, among other items.

“Tank Man” is already one of the most famous pictures of the twentieth century. The photo was taken the day after the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing, and shows a lone protester standing in front of a column of tanks. While the Chinese were able to memorialize the event fairly quietly for the first twenty years, it is said to have gradually become a hot topic in China and one of the few public memorials in Hong Kong has been removed. The group said on Saturday that these events cannot be erased from the memory of the Chinese people.

Currently, the vocational and adult education website allegedly hacked by Anonymous is still unavailable. According to local media, authorities in Jiangsu Province had to shut down and deface the website in question to prevent it from spreading. However, Anonymous has kept an archived copy of his Ghost Archive page. We can see the information that the hacker group hinted at in its Saturday post claiming to have hacked the site. The first image to appear is the Anonymous logo, followed by the same “Taiwan Numbah Wan!”.

According to analysts, this is a reference to a quote made by live player “AngryPug” in 2015 to annoy Chinese live player “Em0” during a H1Z1 game. Under the emblem was the national flag of Taiwan followed by its national emblem. The group further said it was taking “a short break from #OpUkraine today to remember the Tiananmen Massacre”. Next, the group featured the music video for “Fragile”, a mandopop (a popular music style in China) performed by Malaysian rapper Namwi and Taiwan-based Australian singer Kimberly Chen.

Next, there is a video from “Simple History” explaining the Tiananmen Square massacre. The group then included four Tank Man memes, which are based on the original photo taken the day after the massacre. Like all photos of the massacre, this photo is strictly prohibited in China. Another notable element of the site’s decline is the portrait of Dr. Jun Cheng, a Taiwanese physician and martial artist. Police hailed him as a hero for bravely risking his life to save others when a gunman began shooting worshipers at a Taiwanese church.

The Chinese authorities have not commented on the allegations by the Anonymous group. On the Ghost Archive’s archive, the aggregator also listed the following requests:

  • Development of an antiviral drug therapy against Covid-19 based on Todd Rider’s DRACO;
  • Consider Shepherd Iverson’s idea of ​​reunification of the Korean Peninsula;
  • Effective intervention to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the incorporation of a neutral security belt consisting of Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Finland and Bosnia, with the prospects of a referendum and a UN peacekeeping administration in the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine as a starting point.

Finally, activists spoke out about the tragedy in Ovaldi, Texas, and criticized US Customs and Border Protection for being “reckless” and border voyeurs. However, within the United States itself, as we have now seen from Ovaldi, they are somewhat reluctant to face threats from within.” The page then displayed photos of 16 of the 21 victims of the Rob Ovaldi Elementary School shooting in Texas. Other Twitter accounts required who identifies themselves as Anonymous also have to honor these requests.

Anonymous is a group that hacks for political purposes. While the group relatively ceased its activities in early 2010, it reportedly resumed its hacking operations in 2018 and claimed responsibility for hacking dozens of IT infrastructures until then, including government websites, Top 500 companies, etc. On February 25, 2022, Anonymous declared electronic war on Russia, after the latter invaded Ukraine on February 24. Since then, the group has claimed to have pulled dozens of the Kremlin, the Russian government and other strategic Russian platforms out of service.

Source: Archived by Anonymous at Ghost Archive

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