We know before you the last 3 episodes of Monday. One thing to totally know before watching it!

Jonathan Cohen continues to achieve success and surrounds himself with the best Geraldine Nacache, Adele Exarchopoulos, Leila Bakhti, Anna Girardot and Camille Chamo on the cast for season one, returning for season two. These new episodes also rely on the presence of Ramsey Pedia, Pierre Nene, Natasha Lindinger, Jonathan Lambert, Cad Merad, Mister V, Laura Philbin, Thomas Ssemica, Jerome Commander (who embodies the presenter of this new adventure), Gérard Darmon, Sebastien Chassin… Plus other surprises!

As announced by Canal+:

No more suits, evening dresses…this year, the uniform is swimwear! More than a new season, it’s a new show starting and a new adventure for Mark. Because this time, he is just one candidate among others, a member of a team of adventurers trying to survive on the paradise island of Chupacabra!

Did you realize the challenge that allowed you to unlock the first episode in the preview?

You may have seen it, the challenge was born during the launch of Flambeau.

On a site created for the occasion, the channel has given you a preview of part of the first episode. but how? Simply by legendary scream “Maaaaaaaarc” Stronger and as long as possible, like Alexandra in flame.

Depending on your score, you can unlock a longer or shorter part of the loop. So, did you pass this challenge?

Simple back to the latest episodes: Spoiler alert!

After the brief romantic relationship between Philip and Patrice in Episode 4, Philip is wiped out for his many lies. In fact, he is a con man who has never been to war, never set foot in the woods, and stole books.

Marina finally confessed to Soraya her feelings and they rolled the perfect love until the announcement of the new audition: to create bonds, a “talent show” is organized: adventurers are divided into pairs, and a number must be drawn up to be presented in front of the so-called prestigious jury. Unfortunately for Marina, Soraya is irresistibly drawn to Annick’s stench because of her gorilla heart, but it all ends well as the two young women reconcile during the council and decide to leave the adventure together.

In Episode 6, Mark wins the immunity of the sombrero against William (Mr. Fifth) who loses miserably because he couldn’t resist the temptation to take a selfie with famous YouTuber Squeezie whose looks had more than one surprise!

Mark also wins the right to use the phone and makes the big mistake of scrolling through social media to see what people think of him, so it’s very sad to find him in the elimination board. The council that connects the reversal of situations since the kidnapping of Ivan by secret agents, against the background of the conspiracy abdication, this door opened to many secrets during the episode and suddenly disappears. accidental.

Strong comparison with La Flamme

In fact, before Flambeau, Jonathan Cohen taunted The Bachelor by saying “The Flame.”

This is a remake of the American series Burning Love. that simulates real-life dating shows like The Bachelor, The Only Respectable Man.

The second season is titled ScoutIt was announced by Jonathan Cohen on August 31, 2021. Unlike the first season, it is a reality TV parody of adventure, with some characters returning from the first season.

Although Flambeau has found his audience, many can’t help but compare the two series.
If for some Flambeau remains a beautiful continuity, for others La Flamme remains much higher.

Final episodes Monday 6 June

The much-anticipated final episodes of Le Flambeau will be revealed on Monday, June 6th on Canal+.
Like many, we can’t wait to see who will be the biggest winner of the €450 torch, Les Aventuriers de Chupacabra.

So we will see the final result on Monday 6 June after the reunification of Mojitos and Nulus.
Who will win the €450 promised to the winners after these weeks of survival? Will we see the famous steering tests and the famous pole test?
Meet up tonight!

Next season 3?

Jonathan Cohen clearly has no plans for a sequel. When he was first questioned, at the end of March, his answer was firm:

not now. It’s a lot of work. You can’t imagine how much it would cost to build such a chain, on such tight deadlines. If you continue, I will lose my health“.

But during Cannes in April, Jonathan Cohen left the door open for a potential sequel.

“We will see if the second season appeals to the audience because that is the most important thing. If so, why, and if not then we will stop there. In fact, it depends very much on the desire of the audience. We will not lie to each other. Some, that’s what matters.”

We can’t wait to learn more about the sequel, and of course hope to have a third series in the continuity of Flame and the Flambeau!

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