Sophie Davant fell in love with another man after more than 20 years with Pierre Slade

After being separated from Pierre Slade for years, Sophie recalls their divorce. Each of them have their own love life, they have remained on good terms and share a brotherly relationship.

Spouses Sophie Davant and Pierre Slade have long been a sensation on French television. They both work in the media world, and their romance has been publicized quite naturally.

In fact, Sophie Davant was for a long time the “Weather Lady” on France 2 before she hosted some programs on the same channel.

As for Pierre, he started as a radio journalist (Radio de France and RFO) before moving on to the TV program L’Équipe du Dimanche on Channel Two. From year to year, both witnessed the development of their careers.

No one would have believed that the two journalists would break up one day after living several years of marriage and having two children. In fact, Nicholas and Valentine’s mother spent more than 20 years of her life with her ex-husband before their divorce. Why did the couple divorce?

Sophie Davant tells us how her relationship with the father of her children gradually frayed.

Over 20 years of marriage when Sophie Daphant traumatized another man.

After being questioned for a long time about her relationship and divorce with Pierre Slade, Sophie decided to release her book “It’s Time to Choose Your Life”, which tells the reasons for their separation, which was published in 2017.

“Because I fell in love with another man, I realized that my relationship with Pierre was at the end of her rope. I was ’emotionally available’,

She mentions the host of “Téléthon” in her book.

Sophie Davant with her husband, Pierre Slade. | Photo: Getty Images

However, she was told there that she was not pursued like her and that she preferred to keep her family. She did not want to upset the balance that she and Pierre had formed during their 20 years of marriage.

However, after the couple tried very hard to maintain this balance, the couple could not escape the separation. Sophie admitted that she was no longer attuned to her relationship. Then, they officially announced their split in 2012.

“With Pierre, we tried to give each other a second chance without success and decided to separate before reaching the conflict. It is of course complicated and painful to grieve for such a long relationship, we feel so much guilt that we didn’t know how to get old together.”

She was captured during her interview with Gala after the release of her book. After they left in good relations, the parents of Nicholas and Valentine remained close.

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The “painful and complicated” complaint of a broken family turned into a “brotherly and integral bond”

Although the couple broke up on good terms, the separation was still painful. Indeed, it is a matter of mourning for a long love story and a broken family. You should know that behind the divorce of parents always hide the distressed children. Moreover, Sophie admitted that her children had a bad experience of their separation, especially their daughter.

“They took it badly of course. Nicolas was 18 and Valentine 16 when it happened. My daughter passed her bac and survived with honors. I think in response, she plunged into studies,”

Captured in an interview.

Remember that the girl subsequently developed anorexia. Which weakened him a lot.

Overcoming events, the family is finally back on its feet. For their part, each parent begins a new love life. As for the children, they are all grown up and coping better with their parents’ separation.

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The love life of Sophie Davant and Pierre Slide

Pierre Slade, who is of Polish and Italian descent, decided to settle in Italy after his divorce. There he met Bella Ceciliana, Barbara Riccivoto, whom he married in June 2018.

It turns out that the author of “It’s Time to Choose Your Life” and the ex-husband get along well. Knowing that the former spouses remained very close, now they maintain only a fraternal relationship.

“Things are going well, no problems. I am not a confrontational person at all.”

Sophie Davant was captured in the columns of Femme Atcuelle.

“I couldn’t stand knowing he was unhappy, that’s for sure,”

proudly added.

If by her side her ex-husband lives in a beautiful love affair with the beautiful Italian, then the host journalist is exposed to many rumors in her love life.

The media has already assumed that she has relationships with men, including her colleague William Limerge. However, the TV host neither confirmed nor denied this rumor. During an interview with Télé Star, she said:

“It’s the ransom for fame. I am flattered for drawing so much attention, but even though people say nonsense and have been credited with three consecutive relationships in less than two months, I have no intention of commenting on what is being said.”

After her relationship with Pierre Slade, Sophie became very selective when it came to romantic relationships. As he gets older, the French animator wants to experience happiness with the right person.

“It is a will on my part, I make sure to be surrounded by people I love who make me feel good. I make sure to avoid toxins especially as I get older so that I don’t get into toxic situations.”

Captivated during her interview with Télé-Loisirs.

His tactics work for the best, viewers always see Sophie Davant with a beautiful smile on the screen. Having gone through a painful divorce, you now know that the length of a relationship doesn’t matter when you’re not happy.

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