Ordinary People: Series Review

very normal people

- Broadcast date: 06/06/2022
- publishing platform: Channel +
- Episodes: 1.01 1.08
- Director: Ophidia
- screenwriter: Ophidia
- Performers: Jeremy Gillette, Sophie Marie Laroy, Raca Hazanavicius, Roman Boehringer, Anne Benoit, Pablo Cobo, Arthur Dupont, Agatha Bonitzer, Matthew Leskob, Andra Biscond, Fadele Camara, Eleonor Arnault, Frances Koontz, Muriel Combo, Pinot Delpin, Jacques Devellay, Waked, Eva Joynet


very normal people It’s a great series that falls into eight episodes of about fifteen minutes each, which is really exciting to watch.

Director Ovidie signs the script and draws inspiration, in part from her life and her knowledge of the world of pornography, to deliver a vivid portrayal of it in the early 2000s.

However, the work is much deeper than it appears. Thanks to the prominent inversion of the situation, it remarkably shows what women suffer on a daily basis.

In fact, we find ourselves in a world slightly different from our own. So it is the women who have the power and the men who have to deal with that in their daily lives.

We follow a smart guy who just entered his freshman year of college and decides to shoot porn movies to make money and shock those around him.

So this person will immerse himself in a world he does not know at all, while above all he wishes to become a director and talk about more feminist topics that put women and men on an equal footing.

And so we will discover him in his environment, and show that he is under the control of a tyrannical girlfriend, that he often has no say in the pornographic world and that he is generally seen only as a beautiful creature by women who encounter him and is seen more as a piece of meat and a sex doll than as a human being.

The work is often very funny and really snappy. Situations are perfectly studied and this role reversal makes us think a lot about the way we treat people according to their gender.

It should also be noted that if pornography is at the center of the plot, the director perfectly manages to show the industry without suggesting a nude shot and explicit sex scenes. Everything is perfectly suggested and this makes writing and theater even more entertaining.

The cast is really great. Wonderful Jeremy Gillette in the title role. He literally appeared on screen as an educated young man who wanted to use cinema to change people’s opinions. We are deeply attached to him, his turnip and his desire to rise above his gender-related state.

Sophie-Marie Larrouy is an excellent porn actress, not very smart, but with a big heart. Raka Hazanavicius is very good as the best friend of a young man who also wants to change the world. Roman Boehringer is flawless as a director immersed in filming on a low budget. Anne Benoit is great as an X film director who wants to put art into her work. Arthur Dupont is impressive as an actor who is starting to get old on the environment. Pablo Cobo is very funny as a young actor who wants to cash in on his fleeting career. Fadele Camara is cute as an assistant who has to manage many things. Andra Biscond is pretty fair as a producer who switches between her films. And Elonore Arnaud is an equally prdatrice actress.

Various shooting locations. And so we move from the main character’s apartment, the college, to the main filming location, which dictates, to end up in a different nightclub than we normally see. It is very nice to move from one place to another, which also gives the impression of not being in the camera.

The series can be watched in one go and each episode is more exciting than the next. However, with such a well-handled subject matter and such colorful characters, it wouldn’t be at all annoying to be able to find them in another season, even if the episodes are an arc in themselves.

very normal people A wonderful and very funny series, while talking in an interesting way about the world of pornography, it deals above all with the relationships between men and women. In addition, through the reverse perspective of the events listed, the main character makes it possible to highlight frequently occurring painful behaviors and cause people to think about them.

The writing quality, the extremely precise production, and the excellent crew turn the series into a true nugget of discovery without moderation.

Original and captivating.


Roman, 18, a sociology student. With her best friend, Isaure, they form a duo of kids from suburban France in the ’90s who dream of changing the world. But neither of them have the same way of expressing their radicalism. If Izor feels dangerously drawn to the secrecy of the political groups that frequent him at the university, Roman on the contrary decides to expose himself to the light of pornographic films that he imagines the winds of freedom are blowing on. In rebellion against his native environment, imprisoned in a toxic romantic relationship with a woman who has complete control over his life, he believes he can find in porn adventure a path to liberation.

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