How to identify crypto projects with long-term viability

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While the market may be in a downtrend at the moment, based on history, majors like Bitcoin and Ethereum are likely to weather the storm, maintaining an overall bullish trend.

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However, when it comes to the long-term potential of new entrants to the crypto space, some factors including diversity and reliability of public services offered, commitment to future development as well as willingness to embrace new trends can greatly affect the sustainability of any project.

When evaluating whether it is likely to make a long-lived crypto project, here are some questions worth asking.

Are they agile and energetic?

A venture hoping to go to lily must meet market needs, generate potential revenue, or perform another essential function such as secure storage or transactions. It must also be dynamic and responsive to the latest ideas and technologies, from NFTs and Web 3.0 to the metaverse.

For example, the ArbiSmart project, powered by the original RBIS token, is a valuable case in this respect. It is a relative newcomer that is currently offering a range of new facilities, which are evolving from a crypto investment platform into a diversified financial hub.

The project development team says it has a solid foundation in the gas field, building a diversified ecosystem. ArbiSmart is said to offer automated crypto balancing, a form of passive investment, that generates up to 45% of annual returns, depending on the amount deposited. However, starting in June, the development team plans to roll out several products and services, starting with an interest-bearing wallet that supports a variety of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The company says that wallet holders can get a secure storage location for their cryptocurrency, as well as up to 147% annual interest on RBIS accounts and 49% annual interest on all other account currencies. This will be immediately followed by the introduction of a decentralized yield farming software, offered through Uniswap, with a direct interface through the ArbiSmart platform. Users will be able to wager money for competitive bonuses that include a 0.3% fee on each trade and up to 190,000% APY.

In the third quarter, ArbiSmart plans to introduce an NFT marketplace where participants can buy and sell all kinds of existing non-fungible tokens, from videos and audios to digital designs and collectibles, using RBIS. In the meantime, the project plans to release its own collection of 10,000 digital artworks.

ArbiSmart reports that it has just upgraded its FCIS license, allowing the project to provide a wider range of virtual currency services across the European Union. The project plans to seamlessly add new RBIS facilities to its expanding ecosystem in the second half of 2022, such as crypto banking and exchange services.

One of the first new RBIS tools to work for the second half of the year is the cryptocurrency exchange. This will be closely followed by the launch of the ArbiSmart play-to-win metaverse, where players can purchase digital plots of land and then build or sell their virtual properties for real income.

Is the ecosystem designed for growth?

An interconnected token economy is also another way to establish and maintain long-term growth. When a single token allows its owner to take advantage of several facilities simultaneously and its use is encouraged, it can increase demand for coins and liquidity at the same time.

For example, within the ArbiSmart ecosystem, RBIS is the currency required to purchase NFTs in the marketplace and game items in the metaverse; Minimum RBIS must be maintained to earn interest on the capital stored in the ArbiSmart portfolio, and the capital is suspended in the Yield Cultivation program using the USDT/RBIS and ETH/RBIS liquidity pools.

The interconnectedness of the ArbiSmart hub means that NFT purchases can be used as an in-game metaverse. Ecosystem use via RBIS is encouraged by incentives such as a higher APY in the ArbiSmart NFT holder’s High Yield Farming Program.

While there are no guarantees in the highly volatile and unpredictable crypto space, ArbiSmart believes that its project has made the best possible start, thanks to continuous development and adoption of new trends.

It is important to identify and support sustainable projects as they build the legitimacy, popularity and credibility of the cryptocurrency as a whole, facilitating its evolution into a mainstream asset class. Those projects that prioritize long-term growth and quality services over short-term empty hype will boost the future of cryptocurrencies.

This article displays sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice.

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