Horoscopes: astrological predictions from June 06 to June 12, 2022

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The weekend has passed, and you’re already curious to know what the coming days have in store for you beforehand from this day forward? Here are the astrological predictions of experts.

Your weekly horoscope for June 6-12 is all about change. The planets are in flux, which means everything is on hold. It is a time of great opportunity, but also a time of great danger. If you can surf and stay flexible, you’ll be fine. But if you try to cling to the past, you will drift away. Find your horoscope for the coming week for the 12 zodiac signs.


Robinson Siba at the Move Africa concert
Robinson Siba at the Move Africa concert

Your spirits are high. You display positivity and spontaneity at all times of the day. You are radiant and show a happy face and excellent mood. It seems that nothing can stop you or bother you. But beware of this enthusiasm! The Originals will be more impatient than ever. This can become tiring for you and those around you. Don’t confuse speed with precipitation. Choose the right rhythm according to the circumstances!

the Bull

To the revolutionary activity of Uranus over the years in the sign is added the energy of Venus: together they form a connection that the Moon will confirm. It is a powerful aspect that concerns almost all indigenous people and can cause either great joy or great emotional upheaval. Uranus (the father of Venus in mythology) has the psychological function of making us develop, progress, advance and implement the most utopian and at the same time humane projects. Venus focuses more on our personal values: “how I love”, “what I love” and “how I want to be loved back”. It brings you back to the things that matter only to you. The week favors realization of projects capable of making you vibrate … with pleasure.


You think you are stronger than that. Unfortunately, this is not the case! Even if you love your family with all your heart, they sometimes tend to exasperate you. So why not take a little walk for the next week? Existing in your sign, Pluto will have the honor of channeling all these negative emotions into positive sweets. Evenly distributed over your moments of doubt and panic, it will create a feeling of calm.


If the week begins in a very hectic way (you have a thousand things to do) and continues with a lot of family necessities to be respected, it can still end in a very pleasant way because the weekend will bring you joy, fun and a sense of escape. A somewhat unexpected surprise or revelation can happen! Something a little rough, but ultimately beneficial to you, can open your eyes to a friendship that isn’t as sincere as you thought or, simply, no longer aligned with your current expectations and values.


You just went through a turbulent phase that left you on your knees. Good news, you finally see the end of it! The upcoming period promises to be favorable for rest and will give you the opportunity to recharge the batteries. You should end the week in style with a potential peak in the form of a Friday approx. On the moral side, things should also improve thanks to the support of those around you, and your renewed vitality will perfectly coincide with the return of a positive attitude.


The moon is in your sign at the beginning of the week. Consequences: you feel the need to feel and be useful, to move forward, to help, to be fulfilled. The only problem is that no matter how efficient and effective you are, a sense of completeness and constant self-criticism inevitably accompanies you. You are still not very happy with yourself.

Added to this is the severe retrograde of Saturn that can pollute the sector of your daily life and small things, forcing you to impose really unnecessary duties on yourself. So be indulgent with yourself a little bit. Thus, you will realize that many positive things are available to you.


The presence of Mars in your sky makes you a little angry. You don’t want to talk, you have a headache, you feel good only when the other person turns the key in the lock, heading towards the exit. Fortunately, your partner knows how to spot the warning signs of a storm and is forgotten. Single, after promising beginnings, you decide, and God knows why, sending everything fall apart by dumping you. You are definitely a very mysterious sign.

The scorpion

Until Uranus completely transitions from the opposite sign of Taurus (in the year 2026), almost all Scorpios can experience some kind of awakening or revolution in their lives. This phenomenon is not permanent but quickly awakened by planetary aspects like many aspects that occur during the week of June 6, 2022. You can all experience an episode aimed at your collision in the field of relationships. However, you seem to be well surrounded and well supported and practical help can come from someone you barely know. So keep your eyes open and don’t miss the little things too quickly: some good opportunities to move forward in everyday life are hidden in the details.


Everyday magician, you know how to surround the slightest gesture with an unusual gesture. So that you continue to charm your partner day in and day out. With you, everything is fun, surprise, fantasy. You Know How To Protect Yourself From Couples’ #1 Danger: Routine! Bachelor, you are all excited, a pleasure to see your enthusiasm overflowing and full of freshness. A native of Gemini is watching you with lust.


If something a little upsetting happened to you this week, it probably has something to do with the emotional sector. The moon, which at the beginning of the week reveals practical and tangible energy, can support you with the feeling that yes, it is possible to get out of it, to love again, to pursue new goals. However, a certain type of insecurity may take over Capricorns born around January 6th because some painful memories may surface or because some are still not ready to shake off old, outdated structures in which they have invested time, energy and hopes. Finally, some Capricorns may fear not having the resources (neither physical nor material) to carry out a project. But it’s just a feeling!


This week you will live in the time of the Knights, Guinevere, King Arthur, and Lancelot the Brave. You will delight in feeling the other’s connection, by challenging them, and encouraging you in your own game of love through the astral context. Single, you are also ready to give proof of your love. You dream of clarifying yourself with great deeds to make known the content of your feelings. For the one you love, you want to outdo yourself, you dream of extraordinary love.


If we have to wait for the full moon next week to reap some good results, especially in the professional sphere, I don’t rule out that some somewhat destabilizing news may already be sent to you this week of June 6, 2022. Making decisions with loved ones (I’m thinking brothers and sisters), or is it a real estate issue or a business transition… The truth is, the week is neither calm nor normal. People born around March 6th may experience a slight decrease in physical fitness or something that has not yet been completely resolved. I am thinking of health but also of some of the pain associated with wounds of the soul. Some of you will be tempted by the idea of ​​going somewhere else, and you are still convinced that the possibility of moving or perhaps investing in real estate is part of your thoughts.

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