Shakira reveals why she does not want to marry Gerard Pique, is this an obsession?

Shakira and Gerard Pique formed or formed a media couple. In fact, he is an iconic figure of football and is from the music scene. They met during the summer of 2010 and will wait about a year before formalizing their romance through social networks. Once it’s official, the press can finally talk about Shakira and Gerard Pique as one of the hottest stars of the moment. But now, there is no doubt that Milan and Sasha’s parents will formalize their separation on social networks. Because several days ago, it seems clear that Gerard Pique cheated on Shakira. It is clear that she has every reason to want to end her relationship with the Spanish footballer.

On the other hand, we won’t talk to you much about this break Objeko. It is clear that we will not ignore this topic. But it will be a matter of returning to one of Shakira’s statements about her relationship with Gerard Pique. Because this statement was also highlighted by our colleagues from the magazine publiccould indicate that the singer knew that their relationship was not destined to last…

Did Shakira have reason to believe that her romance with Gerard Pique would not last?

When the Colombian singer Kanna became famous in 2002. Her title card wherever you are It is for international order. But for more than 10 years, she became famous in the Latin American music scene. Based on her success, she also meets interesting people. In particular, in 2000, Shakira met Antonio de la Rua, the son of the former president of Argentina Fernando de la Rua. This man becomes her companion and also plays an important role in the singer’s career. in 2008 for example, helped Shakira renegotiate an exclusive 10-year contract with LiveNation For 70 to 100 million dollars. The couple finally separated in August 2010 after a long history of 10 years.

She was recently separated from Antonio de la Rua as Shakira met Gerard Pique. will flip the star clip, Wakawaka. And on March 29, 2011, almost a year after they met, they formalized their relationship on Twitter. as such Objeko I told you above, the press can finally talk about this couple more calmly. Because since their meeting, it was only rumors that she wants a romantic relationship between her partner and the Spanish footballer. So it was a happy time for them and their fans. Then happiness doubled with the birth of two young children. Milan on January 22, 2013 and Sasha on January 29, 2015.

But disastrously then, after 12 years of relationship, Pique had cheated on Shakira…

An inevitable break for a couple?

While the couple in crisis is described everywhere in the press, some media outlets claim the separation is official while others remain skeptical of the singer’s decision. According to Emilio Pérez de Rosas, a journalist for the Catalan daily El PridecoAnd the “The Barcelona captain and the Colombian singer are in an emotional crisis”. As our colleagues point out from the magazine publicRumors are circulating that Gerard Pique cheated on Shakira with the mother of another footballer, Pablo Martin Paez Gavira aka Jaffe.

If adultery is proven, Shakira’s decision to leave Pique appears inevitable. But no one can speak on his behalf, Objeko I give it to you. However, another way to consider this break inevitable is to take a look at some excerpts from interviews with the Colombian singer. In fact, she has always confirmed in the media that she does not want to marry her boyfriend. It was only last year that she said marriage frightened her. Perhaps she learned then that her love story was doomed? Anyway, that’s what many media outlets have assumed lately.

“Marriage frightens me a lot, I don’t want him to see me as a woman, I’d rather see me as a friend … See? Fruit is still forbidden. I want him to stay alert, I want him to believe that everything is possible depending on his behavior.”Then Shakira said about Gerard Pique. Perhaps then you will not be surprised by the behavior of her mate who knows? Follow…

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