5 documentaries to discover behind the scenes of cybercrime

The editorial staff brings you some feature reports and films for an evening with web criminals, amateur hackers and hackers in the service of the states.

Are you interested in the world of hackers and cybercrime but are you afraid of not understanding anything? We recommend these few captivating and educational documentaries about this closed environment. You’ll follow journalists in their investigations, far from the clichés of a computer scientist tapping a computer keyboard at the speed of light. Netflix also specializes in news items from the web and vile stories: the SVOD platform was unveiled on May 18, 2022, with a feature film called Cyber ​​Hell: Horror NetworkThe true story of an online sexual exploitation gang.

Since cybercrime takes many forms today, each story cited focuses on a specific topic, from everyday scams to armies of state-sponsored hackers.

Here are 5 documentaries to discover the world of hackers and darknet.

Cyber ​​Hell: Horror Network

Source: Netflix

Netflix is ​​used to investigating crimes online using Don’t F*ck with Cats and Shiny_flakes, the little baron of the dark web. The platform has been broadcasting since May 18, 2022 a long survey of 1h35, called Cyberhill, regarding an online sexual exploitation scandal in South Korea. This dark affair is known in the country as the Nth Room, in reference to the virtual chat rooms that perpetrators opened to broadcast sex videos of their victims. The documentary blends interviews, archive footage, and reconstructions to trace the way criminals operate.

The documentary is available on Netflix.

New Russian mercenaries

The new Russian mercenaries
Source: aarti

Since 2013, Russian hackers have almost become a sign of instability. They are accused of attacking Ukraine, interfering with the election of Donald Trump, or interfering with Emmanuel Macron’s presidential campaign in 2017. Etienne Hofer (Albert Launder Prize 2016), Marina Ladous and Boris Razon went in search of these hackers, often recruited in private forums, With the support of the Kremlin, in the documentary New Russian mercenaries.

The documentary is available for rent at Aarti.

China’s new soldiers

Source: aarti

Like Russia, China has also specialized in computer attacks with a different purpose. In a bid to become the world’s leading power, Beijing knows no borders and wages a massive campaign of cyber espionage to recover valuable industrial secrets from its competitors and economic allies. This is the subject of the documentary China’s new soldiers.

The documentary is available for free until June 7 on Arte.

unknown face

Source: MyCanal

unknown face is a story Christopher Mark Doyon, one of the leaders of the most famous hacking group Anonymous. After a difficult childhood in a rural state, this computer-savvy teenager dives into revolutionary activism and takes on computer hacking. Since his exile in Mexico, Christopher, aka the Tenth Commander, has agreed to recount his astonishing trajectory, his fighting motives and his most exciting actions. He has since been extradited for attacking the California administration.

The documentary is available on MyCanal.

Cyber ​​Attacks: Shadow Thieves

The hacker who codes the cyber
Source: Edited by Nino Barbie for Nomirama

In 2017, Envoyé Spécial, Elise Lucet, took a look at hackers defrauding companies with ransomware, in their documentary. Cyber ​​Attacks: Shadow Thieves. France 2 journalists went to interview victims who lost thousands of euros, but they also went to meet with the hackers to describe their method to the public.

The report is available on the Special Envoy’s YouTube channel.

And if not, there is always a Numerama YouTube channel if you need to understand the cyberwar in Ukraine, who is behind the hacker groups behind Conte, or how influencers are losing their YouTube channels.

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