To end violence against children

Thanks to school psychological support, many students have overcome their personal problems. Photo: CTV / CVN

After the Prime Minister issued Directive No. 23 on promoting solutions to achieve and protect children’s rights on May 26, 2020, the government, localities, ministries and branches focused on implementing those related to preventing and combating violence against children.

Radical and timely intervention

The government recently organized a conference to discuss measures to improve coordination of actions between relevant bodies. Participants agreed that the radical and timely intervention of relevant services at central and local levels in dealing with cases of child abuse has gradually built population confidence and created public support, thus improving the efficiency of operations.

The Ministry of Labor, War Disabled and Social Affairs has coordinated well with international organizations in various areas including protection, prevention and control of abuse and promotion of implementation of commitments related to children’s rights.

According to a report issued by the Ministry of Police, last year 1,914 cases of child abuse were monitored across the country, involving 2,198 people and 1,987 children, down 31 cases from 2020.

Vietnamese laws relating to the prevention of violence against children are relatively comprehensive and simultaneous. It has been recognized and appreciated by international organizations. These also use a number of legal provisions of Vietnam to provide and support other countriesMinister of Labour, War Disabled and Social Affairs Daw Ngoc Dong.

In general, our legal system has had its effects. We have 27 million children who basically live in a healthy environment. It is a wonderful painting in general that has been recognized by the world“, pointed out.

According to him, cooperation between government organizations and child protection associations has improved recently. Issues are now resolved more quickly and efficiently. However, combating violence and child abuse still has limitations. Some legal provisions relating to children have not yet been implemented in a timely manner.

National telephone answering service

Localities are not yet interested in this question. Some have set up the Children’s Mid-Autumn Festival with great fanfare amounting to billions of US dollars, but they allocate very little money to the public administration of children.Minister Dao Ngoc Dong lamented.

He said that the national child protection line number 111, receives only a response from two sectors: work and the police, while the local authorities do not respond to it.

Violence and abuse against children must be prevented and reduced .

Photo: CTV / CVN

Another issue highlighted by Mr. Dong is that social morals are increasingly deteriorating in a part of the population. According to the minister:A number of recent cases of child abuse and violence are typical of this situation. In addition, family disputes and adult behavior after divorce are also problematic. Many recent cases trace their origins back to family disputes after divorce‘, he shared.

In addition to these social problems, the COVID-19 pandemic has recently had very serious consequences for children: positive for SARS-CoV-2, they became orphans, psychologically traumatized by social distancing measures …

Coordination between sectors

In the coming times, the Ministry of Labor, War Disabled and Social Affairs will work with relevant ministries and branches to review the legal system and complement existing child protection regulations. It is proposed to amend the Law on Preventing and Combating Domestic Violence.

This ministry will also emphasize cross-sectoral coordination and take measures to address all issues faster and achieve the goal of detecting cases as quickly as possible, and provide the best support to the victims.

On its part and within the framework of its functions and tasksThe Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism sets guidelines to prevent and combat domestic violence against childrenDeputy Minister Ta Kwang Dung said the ministry is also drawing up an implementation plan for the domestic violence prevention and control program in the new situation until 2025.

In the process of drafting the Domestic Violence Prevention and Control (Amendment) Act, it will continue to coordinate with relevant bodies and consult with experts to establish regulations Dedicated.

For its part, recognizing that prolonged online learning due to the pandemic has affected students psychologically, the Ministry of Education and Training developed the School Psychology Handbook from first grade to last year in order to incorporate it into lessons.

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