Change these settings for more privacy

uBlock Origin is a great extension for blocking unwanted content on websites. By default, the process is very interesting, but you can go further.

The origin of uBlock Among the best browser extensions to protect your online privacy. Its default settings are suitable for most users, but with a few tweaks it can be more effective. Before making these changes, remember that the more blocking options you enable, the more likely there are web pages that no longer work. Try to make these changes one by one to ensure that the sites you visit regularly are working normally.

Reject cookie banners

Sites are usually obligated to inform you of the cookies they use and allow you to accept them or not. You can use a separate extension to automatically dismiss these notifications or use uBlock Origin to do so directly.

Click the uBlock Origin icon in your browser toolbar and select the gear icon to bring up the uBlock Origin dashboard. To hide the cookie windows, go to the Filters menu and under Nuisances, activate EasyList Cookie.

Activate the block lists for each country

uBlock Origin’s default blocklists are effective as long as you visit international websites. However, trackers can still bypass these safeguards if you visit national sites. This is why you should consider using country-specific block lists. Go to the uBlock Origin dashboard, to the filter menu and then to Regions & Languages ​​and select the menu for your country.

Block domains known to contain malware

Many websites exist only to distribute viruses and malware and uBlock Origin can block most of them. You can activate these filters by going to the dashboard, to the filter menu and then to malicious domains and activate the block list of malicious URLs online, block list of phishing URLs (blocking domains used by fraudsters) and block list of PUP domains (unwanted programs).

Stop tracking URLs

If you click on a URL on most sites, you will see a long string of characters in the address bar. Sites use URLs to track your activity. There are several ways in uBlock Origin to remove this tracking information from URLs.

The easiest way still is to go to the dashboard and then to the filters and privacy menu and activate AdGuard URL Tracking Protection.

If you are satisfied with your further config and blocking rules, go to dashboard, filters menu then my filters and add this line: “*$ removeparam = /^utm_/” (without the quotes). This will remove all tracking information with the utm parameter in the URLs.

You can also import a custom list to do this. Go to Dashboard and then Filters and Filters menus. Click Import and paste the following URL: “” (without quotes).

Block remote fonts and javascript

uBlock Origin allows you to remotely block JavaScript and font loading. This can help sites load faster, bypass some paywalls, and reduce tracking. This can also, unfortunately, break many sites as much as these sites primarily use JavaScript.

To do this, in the dashboard, settings, default behavior, activate blocking of remote fonts and disable JavaScript.

Explore advanced blocking modes

For advanced users, uBlock Origin offers advanced blocking modes which are detailed on GitHub. But again, beware. By doing so, you will increase the risk of breaking the normal functioning of the sites.

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